Thursday, September 1, 2016

Sheer Idiocy! Can I Blame Impending Old Age?

I can't believe what a stupid thing I did last night!  

Every evening before I go to bed I am very careful to make certain the large kitchen window is shut and bolted and both front and back doors are securely locked.  

A lot of good all that would have done me last night!  As I came in the back door after dinner out last night the phone was ringing and I remember slamming the inside door shut behind me as I raced for the phone.  What I didn't remember at the time was to remove my keys from the lock.  How stupid is that in a city with a crime rate as bad as ours???!!??

This morning I was preparing to go grocery shopping and freaking out because my keys were not in my purse anywhere.  No amount of dumping of the contents and turning the entire purse inside out produced my keys.

Suddenly it hit me where they probably were....yup, right there sticking out of the lock in the back door for all the city to see. Sigh.....

I will certainly be a lot more careful this afternoon when I return from the book sale!!!!


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