Saturday, September 10, 2016

So Disappointed

My husband, the Bishop and the Bishop's wife are all out having a delicious steak dinner with the Anglican Primate of Canada. Three minutes before my husband was to arrive at the restaurant I found out I was supposed to be there too.  Due to a text message mixup my husband ended up leaving late from home as well. What a ridiculous situation. I had no time to get my grubby cleaning clothes off and get ready to go, so off my husband raced after getting a call from the Bishop's wife wondering where we were. 

I am getting very tired of what has become a constant string of miscommunications that leave both my husband and myself unaware that I am to be present at certain meetings and social events. Looking back on the various events I have missed out on due to lack of communication, I am tempted to feel angry and invisible. So far I haven't given in to the temptation, but wow...sitting here alone with leftover ground turkey and corn chips doesn't cut it when I could be eating a medium rare steak and Yorkshire pudding with friends!

Well, rather than get angry, I am going to go put on my jammies, crawl into bed with a good book to read and have a little pity party here on my own. My husband is furious things turned out this I suspect the issue of inter office communications will be a big topic at next week's staff retreat. hahahaha 

It is amazing to me how easily I get over these sorts of disappointments. Just confessing my disappointment here on this blog is all ready helping me put on my Big Girl Pants and get over it. 

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