Saturday, September 10, 2016

So Easy To Please

My dear husband is so easy to please when it comes to gifts, well, it is darned near pathetic how easy it is to make him happy.  Give him some broken down old bicycle, otherwise decent pair of pants or shirt with a hole that needs patching, filthy old camp gear needing a cleaning for reuse and his humble response either makes you feel higher than a kite for making him so happy over nothing, or else like a total shit for being so parsimonious in your gift giving!

One of my clearance item purchases yesterday at BB&B is a tv pillow.  I have had a very good quality tv pillow for the past 13 years and I so enjoy sitting up in bed reading with it encompassing my back and hips. However, it has softened with use and the passing of time and it is quite a large/wide one.  My back has been wanting a narrower, firmer one for some time and when I saw that very thing on clearance yesterday I decided to get it for myself.

When I got home I patched up 2 small tears in my old pillow and placed it on my husband's bed to find after work.  (There is very little "after work" these days as he runs from meeting to meeting, interruption to interruption, morning until night, day after day....thus goeth every September in the diocese office.)

My husband discovered it after dinner.  He was so excited he was tearing up.  He thanked me over and over again for such a considerate gift.  Last evening before bed he sat up for nearly an hour, enjoying the comfort of that old tv pillow and delighting that he is able to recycle it instead of it being thrown out for simply being a bit soft and too large for my comfort.

As happy as I am that he is so impressed, I admit that my own feeling was NOT one of "higher than a kite"!  It was the other feeling....sigh.....

He is such a dear man.  So humble.  So grateful.  I don't deserve him. Parsimonious shit that I am...........

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