Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Welcome Back Son....Have A Good Trip Son.....

Just got off the phone after a long phone call with our son.  He told us about his adventures in Tokyo and what incredible serenity he feels when he is in Japan.  He experienced a similar thing during his first visit a number of years ago.

The fun he had sounds so typically Tokyo-like to us.  He spent part of a day in Shibuya area at a farmers' market, then spent some time in a small cafe run by a taciturn elderly Japanese fellow who has lined the narrow walls with thousands of old vinyl jazz recordings.  Our son sat and sipped at his green tea while enjoying a multitude of excellent older jazz pieces.  He also met up with an old friend of his from Canada that he hasn't seen in years. They were in a rock band together in younger days.  Now the friend teaches English in Japan and has lived there for several years.  He took our son to another teensy cafe where there is no talking among the patrons.  Instead of chatting, the customers order one of the only five drinks on the menu, then sit at small tables and listen to wonderful classical music playing over the excellent sound system.   Our son had a marvellous time at the Suntory Art Museum looking at paintings by old Japanese masters.  Now he is keen to return to Japan at the first opportunity to learn ancient Japanese painting techniques!  He purchased an ink brush made of feathers so is doing research to find out how to use it properly.  The book fair itself introduced him to many interesting new people.  I suspect he needed this trip as much to give him a new persective on life as to sell art books.

He knows how to deal with jet lag, so he is feeling quite prepared to head for Williamsburg in the morning.  He will be gone most of a week.  I admit I am grateful he will be in that area this time around rather than Manhattan or midtown Brooklyn.  It is an area less likely to be hit with a terrorist attack due to the demographic it least that is our hope....sigh.....

It is fun to travel vicariously through my son's trips across North America and abroad.  He is so his parents, he has experienced the ways that God sometimes provides incredible adventures even for the financially challenged.

Hi and Goodbye to you next week.

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