Sunday, September 11, 2016

What a Difference a Day Makes! well as a great night's sleep! Any disappointment I felt 24 hours ago is long gone. I realize now how exhausted I was after cleaning the whole suite in one go. Glad I did though as it leaves me free to do more interesting things than that while my husband is at staff retreat.

He preached an excellent sermon at service this morning and had everyone thinking when he asked us if committing sins makes sinners, or if we commit sins because we all ready are sinners. You could see the wheels turning in peoples' brains, haha. Bottom line of his sermon is that if we define sin as missing the mark of God's perfection in our lives, then we realize we are born with that proclivity and can't help not being perfect like God is. So, we rely on God's love, mercy and forgiveness to lead us through this life in hope and expectation for the next. He loves us, knows we are often going to fail no matter how right and loving our intentions are, and helps us continue as we work with him to transform our lives for the better. 

This afternoon I returned to Amici Choir and so enjoyed our rehearsal with our new director and wonderful accompanist. What a difference from last year. I have a chance to actually learn some good things. The music is fun, a couple of songs are written in my favourite syncopated styles. We are preparing for the Christmas concert. I am actually excited this year to participate. 

Tomorrow it is off to Moose Jaw. I need a new pair of winter boots that only the shoe store there, Gemmell Shoes, seems to carry in this area. Hopefully they will have them tomorrow. I also have a casserole to drop off at Nan's and am meeting another friend for lunch before I come home. I pray the miserably cold daytime high of only +9C does not indicate an unforecast first snow. The clouds we had all day today did look somewhat threatening, but I will assume the best. 

Time to do dinner dishes and recharge this iPad before attempting another good sleep tonight. I am watching "The Revenant" while typing this....a good way for me to watch a rather hard bitten portrayal of American wilderness living and betrayal, interspersed with Pawnee/Sioux massacres and hideous bear attacks! Yikes! Why do I wait until I am alone to watch films like this????

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