Sunday, September 18, 2016

When You Are Prepared To Wait (and waaaaaiiit) Upon the Lord.... is amazing what can happen. Friends of ours are currently experiencing what we and other followers of Jesus have gone through so often. Life falls apart at the seams and it seems an answer is never coming. After a protracted period of limbo, waiting and waiting and waiting for help, for answers, for new direction and new hope, agonizing in prayer and wondering why God seems to have it out specifically for you, wretched sinner that you are, the fog begins to dissipate, answers to prayers begin to pour in like a flood. The shock of feeling abandoned by God at the lowest ebb is replaced by a different sort of shock: the shock over the perfection of the answers to the prayers when they finally become apparent. During the times of fear and extensive waiting, God has been at work planning, preparing, lining up every detail so that you can end up with smooth transitions into the answers to the prayers for help with your less than satisfactory circumstances.

Our friend lost his job nearly 18 months ago and has found not one job in his city. His job loss was painful and made him doubt himself. His wife has continued to work in an unsatisfactory job that has not paid a sufficient wage for them both to live on. They didn't feel they could pack up and move as two of their newly adult children were still living at home on and off, struggling themselves with jobs and relationships. Within the past month everything changed! All the grown up children suddenly found themselves in more stable work and personal relationships, a long term house sit became available in the very province and city our friends have been wanting to move to....and, as we too have experienced, that house is not some quasi slum! It is a mini mansion on a golf course. They will have at least 6 months in that house while looking to find a suitable accommodation of their own, through a series of "coincidental" meetings in that city just last week, they appear to have found a church family! AND SHE has had her first job interview at a wonderful company.   Once the details were lined up, with no real input from our friends, apart from continuing to ask God for help, bing, bang, boom, they will be moved out of their newly sold house and on their way next week to their new lives in the city of their choice.

Thank you Lord! Been through this ourselves so many times: interminable waiting and self inflicted agony about the future suddenly fixed right up and better than we could ever have asked or imagined. 

Thank you Lord for the amazing answers to all the prayers of these dear and faithful friends! 

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Penny said...

I am thrilled for this couple.....and this post is such an encouragement to me - not to fret, to hang on for what God has in mind.

thanks for sharing this today!