Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Winter Clothes Shopping....YIPPEE!!!

Yesterday was a busy day after laying around, bemoaning the sudden change from summer to autumn weather, feeling sorry for ourselves and generally being completely unmotived for 2 days in a row!  Admittedly, my husband is recovering from his rather brutal week of constant canoe paddling, but I had no excuse whatsoever!!  I think the 5km walk we took yesterday was good for both of us, even if it was a tad chilly outside.  We picked up my husband's new glasses along the route and he is so pleased to be able to see to read books and work at his computer without straining his eyes.

In the morning my husband brought me the tubs from the basement storage that contained my winter wardrobe.  I spent a good hour or more unpacking and sorting through the clothes.  Oi....what a time!!  When I first lost the weight I purchased mostly extremely inexpensive items, not the best quality, just in case I couldn't keep it off.  Now, over 2 years later, it seems it will stay off as long as I remain vigilant with diet and exercise.  I wore those clothes regularly for 2 long winters, but even cheapskate me had to admit a lot of them were looking less than brand new.  A few items had been worn nearly to rag status, so out they went into the garbage bin. Some of them are now either too big or too uncomfortable for other reasons, so a second bag of clothes went into the Diabetes Clothing Collection bin now in our court parking lot.  I looked at what was left and realized there were a few gaps in the old wardrobe after such a large scale disposal.  I don't need a lot of clothes but I prefer the ones I have to look at least relatively new and fresh.

So, this morning I went shopping at Cornwall Centre.  Between Cleo's, Ricki's and Sears I was able to pick up a couple of tops, pair of pants and blazers.  I love this time of year because there are so many Buy One/Get One Half Price introductory sales going on.  I don't remember the last time I paid the full ticked price on anything at Sears.  Now that they seem to have straightened out the huge problems they were experiencing for the past year or more, I am shopping there again on occasion.  The reimbursement for my osteoporosis injection more than covered the costs.  It feels good to have clothes that I am happy with, that fit me and are new, hanging in my closet for the winter.  I went for slightly better quality products this time, now that I trust my weight to remain stable for awhile longer.

The only down side of unpacking those tubs and then buying a few new things is the problem of IRONING!!  Ooooh, I am going to be busy for a couple of mornings getting things pressed and hung up in the right places.  I don't have enough closet or hang bar space to leave clothes for other seasons hanging up. They have to be folded and put on the storage shelves in the basement.  O well, ironing will keep me busy.  It is all good.

I am grateful for a warm raincoat with an excellent hood.  It has been pouring rain all day, but standing outside waiting for buses was no problem.  My hair didn't frizz up because the hood is extensive enough to cover my head and then some.  As a result, it was kind of nice standing out in the rain waiting for buses; refreshing, so pretty too as most of the green leaves are still on the trees around our bus stop here.  BUT the leaves are quickly turning yellow all over the city and starting to drop to the ground.  Autumn has arrived with a one-two punch!

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