Friday, September 16, 2016

Yup, Definitely Feelin' Better Again!

Over the past couple of days I have seen more evidence of the good effects of returning to my proper diet and exercise plan after such a stagnant and immobile last winter season.

I have more energy around the house.  I have more motivation to get out and "do", even if there isn't a lot to shop for or many errands to run.  I am willing to drive farther than usual to shop and go to the bank just to have some variety when doing the usual chores.  My weight has dropped another pound or two.

Today my only plan was to do laundry and check the new fitted bed sheets I purchased last week to make sure they fit my bed.  Somehow that morphed into a trip to the water shop to fill our heavy jugs....a surprise for my husband when he returns from work this evening, still thinking he will have to wait until after next week's Clergy Conference to go to purchase his R/O water to drink, since I am not supposed to lift and carry those heavy jugs, but today I did...just for one time....just to save my husband some hassle.  I added in a quick stop at the shawarma restaurant near the water shop so I could have an early salad lunch before heading to the bank at Victoria Square.  Then a quick tour through two Dollar Stores and a Giant Tiger looking for a product none of them seem to be carrying right now, but the walking exercise was good for me.  Tried on some sale clothing at the Mark's in Victoria Square, just for fun as I don't need any more clothes and what a freeing experience that is after all the years of struggling to find something affordable that fit me well enough and didn't make me look fatter than I already was. To be able to try on clothes I like, decide that no matter how much I like them I don't need them and leave the store empty handed is like a near miracle for me...a time in my life I once assumed I would never experience ever again...thank you Lord for the fun I had today, for the freedom to be able to walk away from beautiful clothes at good prices.

Once I returned home I got the last of the loads of laundry on the go, created a new bank book for my wallet and organized my purse and bill folders in my desk.  When I was putting the newly dried sheets on my bed I decided it was time to vacuum the space between the head of my bed and the wall, so hauled all the vacuum pieces out of the closet, put them together and spent a whole 25 seconds cleaning up that dusty space before taking them all apart and putting them away again.  Even a few days ago it would have seemed like too small a task to be bothered with the putting together of all those machinery parts.

Now I am blogging and in a few minutes it will be time to get the last load of clothes out of the dryer, get them folded and put away. Then I am going to make a bit of stew for dinner.  I found some stir fry beef strips yesterday at YIG that look far better quality and much less fatty than the chunks of stew meat in the meat cooler.  

No little task seems to be too much to soon as the need crosses my mind...just get 'er done!  

Running about the city in the beautiful warm sunshine today  was also very motivating.  Looks like we are going to enjoy a couple of weeks of Indian Summer after all this year. YAY!!

I actually got off my butt last night and started making a few plans for myself while my husband is away next week.  When I feel this motivated I can accomplish a lot....may I continue to stick to my diet and exercise plan so I can feel this way ALL the time!!

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