Monday, October 3, 2016

A Grey, Chilly, Rainy, Snowy Week Ahead!

We are very grateful for the relative warmth of this past weekend.  My husband was able to walk to work on Saturday and I was able to walk to the store for groceries.  It was a lovely, autumn day with enough colourful leaves left on the trees to enjoy them as I wandered over to the store and back.

I got my stew prepared for Sunday's dinner company before our trip out of town to see what will hopefully be our new vehicle in a couple of weeks' time.

Sunday was cooler in the morning, but by the time church was over the sun was shining and the day warmed nicely.  

Choir practise in the afternoon was a lot of fun.  We accomplished a lot, made final decisions on what songs we will sing at the Rotary Choir Festival and at our Christmas concert, plus I now have another alto to mentor here at my home this coming week.   That will be fun.

Our Muslim friends brought his mother with them for dinner last night. She has recently arrived from Cairo, is 84 years old and in very bad health, but she has a toothless grin that lights up the room and a cheery disposition to match that smile.  We gave her a large embroidered shawl as a Welcome to Canada gift and she seemed quite pleased.  Her young grandsons are delighted that she has come to stay.  She is here on a special Super Visa for elderly parents so that she can stay legally up to 10 years while awaiting her landed immigrant papers.  Apparently the political climate in Egypt at the moment has frightened our friend sufficiently as to want to remove her from the situation permanently.  He said his experience with immigration for elderly rels has given him great appreciation for the compassion our federal government can show. I am glad he has had the positive experience many other folk have not.  The grandsons had a quick meal with us and then headed over to another building in the complex to have some fun with their good friend who misses them terribly since they moved to another area of the city.

Today we woke up to a cool draft wafting off the windows and across the bedroom.  The sky is iron grey with the promise of more rain and even a thunderstorm in another hour or two.  The overnight temperatures are dropping below zero for the rest of the week and our daytime highs for the next couple of days will be +2C with accompanying first snowfall.  

Looking at the weather reports for next weekend in the Crowsnest, plus another few problems that have arisen, my husband's Thanksgiving weekend hiking trip may be scuttled.  We have 2 Thanksgiving dinner invitations that weekend that I will be very disappointed to miss if he still goes hiking. Not that I would not be welcome to attend on my own, but if his friend from up north has to cancel out then my husband would have to take our vehicle to drive on his own, leaving me with no way to get to either dinner.  I was all prepared for that until the option appeared open that would leave me the car after all.  O how quickly I got used to the idea of being able to get where I wanted to go while he was away, and now the limbo of not knowing until the last minute.  I hate limbo but have had several decades to get used to it. haha

Well, it is that time once again....the dreaded prairie winter is soon upon us and it is predicted to be as nasty, cold and snowy as last year's was warm, lacking in snow and generally quite delightful.  

So, again....we actually continue to live here because????? hahaha

PS I wrote the above early this morning. Now it is 4pm and the wind is wailing like a banshee! We didn't get the predicted thunderstorm with the rain, but the wind makes it equally miserable to be out of doors!

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