Thursday, October 13, 2016

A Perfect Autumn Day

There are few autumn days as perfect as today!  The temperature was -5C when I got up this morning, frost thick on the windshield of the cars in the lot.  By 11am it had warmed sufficiently to melt all that frost, the sun was shining, the piles of leaves on the lawn just waiting to be tossed about by either the slight breeze or by groups of small children jumping in them and flinging them around.  I just had to get outside in it.

I went to the neighbourhood grocery to pick up a few items, I went to the bank and paid a bill, I took myself out for lunch. After lunch I took another one hour walk, relishing the beauty of the day.  There won't be many more like this before we are snowed in for the rest of the winter season.  It was perfect!

The last flock of geese from the park across the street landed en masse on the front lawn early this afternoon, but they never did come to the back where they used to like to drive us crazy waltzing about and pooping everywhere.  They munched away on the fresh cut front lawn, had a bit of a drink from a puddle out there and then with a last squawking announcement of their presence, they flew away....hopefully southward for the rest of the winter.
My husband arrived home mid afternoon from the retreat and promptly had a rest! haha  Some retreat....although it sounds like he and the postulant had a grand time together discussing all things Anglican and sharing Eucharist and prayer services.  

Dinner tonight was the only fiasco of the day.  haha  Aiiii yiiii....the rice didn't absorb the water I was so certain I had covered it sufficiently with, the green beans were so tough we couldn't eat more than a few each and the steaks....oh my goodness....they were TERRIBLE: tough, tasteless, stringy...and they were a decent cut that I do happen to know how to cook. idea what happened there.  My husband was SO good about it.  He watched me cooking the steaks and has no idea what could have gone wrong.  So, after a few bites of dinner, we cleared the plates and resorted to a dinner of peanut butter sandwiches and rice cakes with low fat Swiss Cheese slices. Aiiii about desperation food! hahaha

The steaks are now in a container in the refrigerator, along with the rest of the green beans.  Tomorrow I will put them in the stew pot with some carrots, onions and potatoes and cook the life out of them. Perhaps I can get at least a bit of relatively decent stew out of those overpriced steaks!

We spent a quiet evening catching up on a couple of favourite tv shows and now we are both going to bed rather early.  Tomorrow I have to make sure I have everything done around here that needs to be done before the weekend so I can go out of town on Saturday with my husband.

I will enjoy the memories of this day round about mid January when I am cussing the winter weather and road conditions!


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