Sunday, October 16, 2016

A Satisfying Kind of Weekend!

This weekend gave me a good break away from our suite after a rather long week of little social contact, lack of motivation and a good deal of exhaustion.

The day in Moose Jaw yesterday was about as perfect as it gets, weather included, despite it being another day with a fair amount of alone time in a different location.  It was fun visiting with my husband as we drove out there.  I was able to participate in the opening Eucharist with the cursillo training group and have a few short visits with the folk there before their training day began.  

Then I went for a nice long walk downtown.  It always surprises me how the retail landscape there changes so often...not always for the better, as the present economy has led to the closure of several of my favourite stores, but still it was interesting to see what is going on.  I toured many of the water main break locations on main thoroughfares and familiarized myself with those downtown street closures so I could avoid getting tangled up in them during subsequent driving about the place.  

Before I got back to the car I ate my favourite crusted chicken pecan salad at Boston is a TOTAL no-no for my diet as it is filled with fat and sodium...more than my daily allowed intake all by itself of both things....but OOOH, it was so tasty yesterday.  After lunch I drove to several other shopping areas and walked and walked and walked some more. I enjoy window shopping.  It gives me a feeling of empowerment to be able to see so many fabulous clothes, crafts, art pieces and special grocery items and be able to say, "Nope, I don't need that...or that...and I have more than enough all ready of those....nope, not one thing I need here!"  What a marvellous blessing to be going through a time where we actually do have everything we need, our wants are small and my husband's income is covering the essential expenses.  I was filled with gratitude by the time my day of walking about the town ended and I picked my husband up from his meetings.

After the meetings we went to dinner at the home of good friends.  It was a relaxed meal....again with the over abundance of sodium and I am paying the price today for yesterday's salty dietary indiscretions...our friends were able to share some wonderful events that are happening in their lives right now.  We didn't stay late, but it was long enough to feel connected and involved.  We arrived home well before 10pm, both of us very satisfied with our day's experiences.

So today began the repenting of the salt and fat intake from yesterday.  My body is quick to give me the head's up that I have had too much of either or both of those things.  I ate a pretty bland diet today and tonight I am settling down and feeling better again. The bland diet is going to continue for at least 10 days before I can allow myself anything containing extra fat or sodium again.  

Choir went well this afternoon, but so many people with colds were there. STAY HOME UNTIL YOU ARE BETTER!! PLEASE!!  I don't want your blasted colds!!!!

Today I learned something very important that should have a positive influence in future on my Anglican church life: a life long Anglican I know explained to me why the idea of "testimonies" is so abhorrent to Christians in traditions that have not made a habit of talking about such things on a regular basis.  Her explanation of how old fashioned Baptist or Pentecostal style testimonies often make those of "less openly verbal about their daily faith walk" traditions feel as if the person testifying is bragging, or else that something is wrong with the listeners in their own spiritual lives because God doesn't appear to be providing such obvious answers to their prayers. 

This was a revelation to me!  In my former testimony sharing denominations, it was rare that people listening to a testimony were focused on the person doing the testifying. The focus was on how awesome and faithful God is to even the worst of sinners who attempts to understand his will and obey his instructions, failing all the way and yet blessed because of the mercy of obvious and silent, large and teensy ways.  Did a person testifying occasionally come across as a braggart?  Perhaps....I don't remember much of that...but those of us listening were fascinated by hearing about how God moved in that person's life.  We were taught that he moves differently in everyone's lives and we didn't compare and feel badly if our own testimonies were not the same as the speaker's.

I am very grateful to my friend for explaining how people simply sharing the grace and work of God in their lives can be misinterpreted so easily. (hermeneutics at work) It explains quite a few reactions I have had when talking about God with my Anglican friends over the past few years. My naivety about such things has been horrendous and I am a bit embarrassed I suppose for not catching on without having to be told.  However, I am only going to harness myself in specifically Anglican circles as necessary.  My other Christian circles are still there for me to share about and listen to the stories of God's moving in the lives of his people.  My blog will still be an outlet for sharing who I am in the Lord, with all my failures, faults and undeserved blessings.  God is good.

So, a lovely weekend...including taking a pie for a tour around the city! hahahaha 
Here's to another week upcoming with not too much rain or snow in the forecast, as well as an actual day off for my husband tomorrow barring some emergency at work.

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