Thursday, October 27, 2016

Accomplished A Bit Today! YAY!!

I had a fairly decent sleep last night!  Wahoo!!  Apart from sore neck muscles from sitting up for 6 nights in a row with insufficient neck and shoulder support, I felt considerably better, quite a bit less stuffy in the nasal cavities, no headache, clear eyes and ears and much less fog in the brain.  My energy level was still in the basement, but that is to be expected for a few days yet.

About 5 minutes before my husband left for work this morning I realized he was going to attempt to walk there with not only his heavy bag of snacks for the retreat starting later today, but also his briefcase with his talks and laptop, plus a giant duffle bag with his personal items and bedding!  As the realization hit me that he was willing to attempt that kind of discomfort just so as not to disrupt me, I decided the least I could do this morning was put on some clothes and drive him and his "stuff" over to the office to await his ride to the retreat.

While it felt pretty great to be tossing on a pair of jeans for the first time in 8 days, I didn't have time to spend putting on a whole outfit, or even brushing my hair and teeth.  Using a belt to keep my nightgown hauled up above the hemline of my coat and still wearing my bed socks, now jammed into a pair of old shoes, I drove him to work.  It is only a few blocks really, but too far to carry that amount of extra baggage.  Also it was still pitch dark outside and I had paranoid visions of him being jumped by some of the "local colour" who haunt his route to the office, in order to get their hands on his lovely blue duffle bag and computer etc.  Yes, it is a better area around here than some in a city known nationally as "The Armpit of Canada", but we still have our folk of interest, that is for sure.

I have to admit it felt quite wonderful to be outside the suite, driving the car, despite a freezing wind forcing me to huddle even inside the car with the hood of my coat pulled up around my neck and ears.

On the way home I had to drive past the local grocery and, forgetting my own "local colour" appearance, I decided I should stop and pick up a few things in case I ran out of steam later in the day or was to experience a relapse tomorrow.  Since the store had just opened as I was driving into the parking lot, it was quick and easy to gather up a half dozen necessities and head for the  cashier.....who was not very talkative this morning, in fact very reluctant to engage, both verbally and through eye to eye contact.  I was surprised!  UNTIL I caught a glimpse of myself leaving the store via my reflection in the store windows.  There I was in all my glory: my "obviously a nightgown" starting to peep out from under my winter coat, hair flying off in all directions like it hadn't been combed for a week...wait a minute...I don't think it actually has been combed for a week.....and my jeans hiked up so high that my socks with knit images of sushi rolls were showing. about yer local colour......aiiii yiiiii....  O well, I surived, the cashier survived and by the next time I go into the store it will have been forgotten, right?  Nope!  It is a neighbourhood grocery I go into at least twice a week.  Every cashier in the place knows me........well, at least this story will be more interesting for them to share together than watching me recover over the past year from a broken hip...a long and boring event. Sigh.... Yeah, if you want to jazz up the gossip among your local neighbourhood grocery cashiers, just arrive at the store around 8am with untamed, windblown old lady hair, your nightgown drooping out from under your coat and wearing sushi every time!

By the time I drove 2 blocks home I was too exhausted to be embarrassed and even now as I write about it, I just don't care anymore.  I have embarrassed myself worse than that in times past.  Yes, REALLY!  Sadly.....

It took me nearly 3 hours to recover sufficiently to exchange the nightgown for a warm turtleneck tee shirt, get my coat and shoes back on and drive a few kilometers away to the 2 banks I had to get to before lunch.  At least I made it before lunch...just....barely......  BUT I didn't embarrass anyone this time nightgown to escape the confines of an ulooped belt, the sushi socks better hidden and hair pulled into a tight ponytail un-tousled by the wind!

O how wonderful it felt to return home and climb into a hot, steamy shower to wash the vaporated ointment out of my hair and off my neck once again.  Clean clothes afterward....o joy, o bliss.  I stripped all the bedding off my bed and trundled it down to the basement for laundering.  Tonight I will feel so much better in clean bedding, letting my painful neck and shoulder muscles luxuriate on a fluffed up pillow and a warm nightgown no grocery store cashier has ever seen!!  As this miserable cold comes to an end (hopefully at least) I intend to sleep lying down tonight...flat....on my sitting up.  At last!

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