Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Dear Lord Above, Self-Pity Takes a Lot of Work!!!

And I am done with it!!  I managed to maintain it for 12 whole hours before packing it in due to the boredom of such intense self-focus!!

No, I don't feel better physically.  I have been feeling crappier by the hour, but, as much as I would like to I cannot possibly maintain this mentality any longer.  I am sufficiently exhausted without that going on!

I caught myself a few minutes ago spontaneously thanking God that the day is coming to a close, that tomorrow is another day closer to feeling well again and for for all my friends and family who have been so empathetic in their expressions of concern for me.  

Thus far my husband has been fighting his own viral infection off and I just pray and pray he can manage to get to the Cursillo on Thursday and last until Sunday afternoon!  So far he is in better shape than he was earlier this morning.  Long may it last.

He got a tremendous amount of cleaning and tidying done in the basement today...at last all the summer camping gear has been able to be put back where it belongs because for now he has managed to sufficiently seal off the leaks in the basement walls.  He has reorganized the food and household product storage shelves, swept up the floor, knocked spider webs out of the ceiling trusses and generally accomplished a whole lot!  Tonight he is able to work on his talks for the weekend Cursillo that we believe, so far, in faith, that he will be able to attend.

The maintenance crew was here today for the annual autumn inspection for "pests under baseboards, in carpets and furnaces".  Just like last year they made not one search for any such thing, just tested both the fire alarms and left again.  At least last year they vaccuumed out the bottom of the furnace and changed the filter!  This year, not even that much.  We hope they will be back next week to do at least that much, but we are not getting our hopes up too high! hahaha  What a crazy place this is!  When they left, the 2 fellows were having a heated argument about our upstairs smoke detector.  One was pointing out how ancient it was and that it really should be replaced...he is the new guy.  The other fellow kept telling him that wouldn't be necessary because this one still works...sort of....the longer term employee.  It was a toss up as to whether the whole issue is laughable or incredibly upsetting in that we doubt that smoke detector will be replaced!  Around here, one never knows!

The Canada Post parcel delivery truck showed up here this afternoon and we signed for a large parcel from our son.  There were FRAGILE and HANDLE WITH CARE stickers all over it.    When we unpacked it we found 2 kinds of amazing Japanese tea for my husband that our son found at an organic farmers' market in Shibuya during his recent visit to Tokyo, an amazing smelling blend of spices from the Comox Valley where my father in law lived for many years and one of our son's beautifully painted red clay plates I have loved for several years and never ever thought it would be mine to have and enjoy!!  He and a group of other artist friends get together twice a year or so and paint pottery dishes.  This one was done in 2012 and is particularly gorgous with a deep blue, orange and black crescent moon style pattern on a white background.  Both of us are delighted to receive a surprise gift, but even more delighted by the incredibly loving note that accompanied it.  Wow......  He is not a truly expressive person outwardly with his family, but occasionally you find out how he really feels and it blows us away every time. (I will post a photo of the plate IF I ever figure out how to do that in Stupid Google...that is what I am officially calling it now...Stupid Google!)

For lunch I had a lower fat/lower sodium Swiss cheese slice with 2 Stoned Wheat Thins crackers and 3 prunes with 1/3 cup yogurt.  Those are the only things I can taste right now.  Wow, the old tastebuds are skeewumpus with this cold!  For supper I had a small bowl of my husband's home made tajine style dish of chick peas mixed with cooked tomatoes, onions, apricots and prunes.  I couldn't taste any of those things but the hot pepper spicing got through and I enjoyed that immensely.

So, although it is not yet 7pm I am going to head for bed and try to get some sleep while my sinuses are not completely clogged.  Not sure how long that will last, but between one medication and another and huge bottles of distilled water bedside, I will survive another night sitting up and trying to breathe.  Just a few more days....just a few more days....just a few more days.... at least I have been able to keep up with the daily dishes and tidying up.  So far, so good!

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