Friday, October 28, 2016

Falsely Accused! hahahahaha

This morning I discovered a WARNING NOTICE from our property management board sitting boldly in our mail box.  Any piece of paper that begins with big black letters like that across the top cannot be good, right?  Aiiii yiiiii, what now??

We were being charged with harbouring an illegal pet!  The threatening tone of the letter was somewhat terrifying as it listed all that would be done to us if we didn't produce said pet immediately for a decision as to whether or not it was an allowed pet for our complex.  

I am still not feeling well, the notice shocked me, but new gratitude overwhelmed me that the rental office in our court has reopened with full staff after being closed for some months. I was able to telephone the office immediately to find out what had happened.

My concern was that some other tenant had made a judgement against us and our imaginary pet, or misunderstood something going on at our home and were doing what would actually be their duty by reporting an "secret" pet.

Turns out the same 2 fellows who left our home the other day after checking the smoke detectors had put a pencil mark in the wrong box on their maintenance spread sheet, indicating we have a pet when they meant to put the mark into a different box.  Not sure what the box was they missed checking or what maintenance issue will not now be taken care of, but as long as we are not going to be in a heap of trouble for a non-existent pet, I don't care.  

The girl at the office was most pleasant about it and made the change to our info; back to being a pet-free suite. Whew!!

After I hung up I realized I was shaking all over.  A lot of things have happened in my life, including a number of false accusations many years ago that could have disrupted my life in a far more devastating manner than being fined for having a pet in this suite and I am realizing how long it can take to truly be over such a frightening time.  My goodness.  I thought I was over that a few decades ago all ready.  My reaction to the letter shows otherwise.

Had I been healthy today it wouldn't have been such a big deal.  Just shows me I have some serious recovery left to experience before this cold virus leaves my system. 

Hey....I just thought of something else: could it be that those maintenance fellows espied a giant spider my husband and I somehow missed eradicating from our basement when we were moving everything away from the leaking walls a few weeks ago?  They would only have to see one of them to arrive at the conclusion that there is indeed a pet hiding in here!!  hahahaha

Oh, this is such a crazy place to live! Ya' gotta love it...once you get over the shock of finding yourself in such a complex! hahaha

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