Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Fighting a Cold AND Bloody Stupid Google On the Same Day....Aaaaargh!!!!!

As of 4am, after yesterday's encouraging shift toward improved health, I apparently moved into Phase 2 of this blasted virus or whatever it is I have.  I woke up with plugged sinuses and a headache, typical cold symptoms.  Sigh....

So, guess I am down for the count for another week.  I know the drill.  Today will be the temptation to pretend the cold segment of the illness is not really going to develop, followed by tomorrow's wee hours of the morning realization that I can't sleep because I can no longer breathe through my nose, followed by about 3 days of feeling like I would rather die as the nose reddens, the eyes water, the sinuses ache like there are knives stabbing up inside them, the tissue boxes are emptied by the dozen, the NeilMeds become a token but practically useless gesture and a doctor's appointment becomes necessary in order to bring out the heavier artillery meds to keep the infection from clogging my lungs and developing pneumonia, before I start the downhill slide to actual recovery.  I figure about a week from today I will be safe to go outside once again, if all goes to form.  How grateful I am this series of symptoms usually happens so rarely in my life.  I am a BAD patient when I have a cold...angry, frustrated and nasty as all heck to everyone I talk to.

Then there is the added frustration this morning of attempting what used to be the simple process of addition of a contact to my GMail account. Hah!  Have you tried to do that lately?  It took me nearly 10 minutes to figure out not only how to find the proper procedure, but also to execute it.  I did learn something important though when I hit an incorrect button: the Merge Duplicate Contacts feature will result in someone whose 3 different email addies I actually need to keep separate, will merge together into 1 addie...an addie that contact has NEVER IN HIS LIFE ever had!!! 

I hate colds!

I hate Google!

I hate feeling hate!! 

I'm really ill.....waaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!

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