Saturday, October 29, 2016

Following in the Family Spiritual Footsteps

Our son is having a time right now. He has all the required visa paperwork sent in to his US immigration lawyer and his long term visa is ready to be presented to the US government. The downside is that due to a problem with Revenue Canada not sending him his last few years of tax rebates and the ongoing hassle of getting that solved, he has nary a cent to pay his lawyer. He barely has rent for next week at this point. Art sales are in the toilet all over Canada with the downturn in the economy, so presently he is experiencing the typical famine side of the artistic "feast or famine" scenario.

That is the up and down financial life of any full time artist and he has been in this position before. He rarely stresses over it, but last night he told me he woke up in the morning worrying about money. He prayed, but couldn't shake the worry. Later in the day he ran into the accountant in charge of paying the reimbursements to my son for the expenses of a show he curated awhile ago. The accountant asked him about a receipt he felt my son should have turned in for reimbursement but hadn't realized it was an allowed expense claim. My son happened to still have the receipt, turned it over to the accountant and the accountant wrote my son a cheque for it right then and there. 

Those are the financial serendipities his parents have experienced for the past three decades. It has been our main arena for learning the trustworthiness of God as he provides for us. In the past few years it has been our son's most obvious arena for receiving answers to desperate prayers for help.
Very happy for you son....God is proving his faithfulness to you in many of the same ways as the old fogeys.

Be encouraged that if you are to go stateside the money will come from somewhere, somehow, in time....the right time....God's time! 

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