Thursday, October 6, 2016

Fun in the Sun...errrr, Make That the Snow

I admit to enjoying the first real snow of the season. This morning I donned a long coat over my nightwear, zipped on my new snow boots, pulled on gloves, grabbed the corn broom and shovel and stepped out into a white wilderness of over three inches of heavy, wet least after I managed to force both front and back doors through the mound of the stuff that was plastered against the bottoms of the doors and beginning to freeze into place. The wind howled most of the night again, so before I could tackle shovelling I had to mop the water from the basement floor...again....spin out the wet towels and put dry ones in place. I think this will be happening until sometime after the Thanksgiving weekend when the snowfall has ceased and the water pooled underground has a chance to dissipate.

All the highways in Saskatchewan are posted as either Winter Conditions Exist (wet subject to freezing, blowing snow, drifting snow, heavy snow, icy sections, reduced visibility), or Travel Not Recommended (all the same conditions only worse). There is not one posting in the entire province of Good Winter Driving. Looks like the pre-winter forecasts of an early, cold, snowy winter are right on target. Rats!

At least it is the perfect day to stay home and clean house! I have company coming tonight for some alto line choir song mentoring and tomorrow I will be driving across the city to visit one of the two cousins that keep in touch with me. She is visiting inlaws who live in the city and wants to get together. I am so excited! She is a lovely woman and is in touch regularly with the rest of the family.

Well, speaking of cleaning house, I had best get to it! Happy winter!

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