Sunday, October 30, 2016

Happily Zonked!

It isn't even 4:30pm yet and all ready I could crawl into bed, fall sleep and not wake up until sometime tomorrow.  What is stopping me from doing that very thing is the fact that I am SOOOO tired that even a full bladder would not wake me up and that would be disastrous!!!  hohoho!!!!

I was sound asleep just before 7am when someone started pounding on my neighbours' back door.  I woke up in a tizzy and hobbled downstairs in the dark to be sure it wasn't my door someone was pounding on, just in case there was a fire in the building or some other reason I should be awakened in such a fashion so early on a Sunday morning.  Nope, it was definitely at the neighbours'.  In the almost year they have lived beside me I can now count on 3 fingers the number of times I have heard any noise at all coming from their place, plus I realized I was hungry, so no worries about being awakened.

After breakfast I felt pretty great...much better than I have felt at any point in the last 10 days....even my sinuses were less clogged, no more dripping, a decent sleep last night for the most part....yeah, feelin' pretty darned great, so decided to risk my tiny energy reserve and go to church.  Since our service is at 9:30am, I figured I would be home in plenty of time to nap before my husband returns at dinner tonight from his weekend seminar committments.  O how great to be out with people again after sitting alone in here for days on end.  That group is amazingly talented at making each other feel like their arrival at church is the best thing that has happened to anyone all week long.  I basked in the warm glow of acceptance!  (and maybe just the teensiest bit of rising fever... o well.....)

By the time we got to the Eucharist I was feeling rather nauseated, but kept plugging until the end of the service.  Our guest priest is a loving, older fellow, so experienced and gave such a lovely homily filled with hope as well as being theologically dead on!  BINGO! I couldn't sing along but could hum a few of the notes of the hymns in my gravelly sinus voice.

Since I had to drive a couple of km to the nearest Superstore after service I decided it wasn't wise to stay for coffee hour and visiting; better to pick up the 2 things I needed from the store and get home for that nap.

Ended up purchasing just a few more things...all from my grocery list on the kitchen counter at home, and since there they were right there in front of me,  it seemed ridiculous to not pick them up before going home.  As I drove out of the store parking lot I felt kind of faint and realized that my very early awakening this morning meant that, although it was only just before 11am I was ravenous for lunch.  I reduced the carb intake rather drastically at breakfast since getting this cold, because I knew there would be no exercising going on to burn off the sugars.  It caught up with me today. 

I kind of panicked because the only restaurant open in the area was a Fat Boy Burger joint, not the place for a diabetic to eat.   However, I knew I needed some sustenance before attempting to drive home, so in I went, first customer of the day.  O my....I DID enjoy my little burger treat splurge.  I ordered the baby burger because it has the tiniest of the carb-y buns and took the fries basket that, along with  a diet pop, gave me the best deal for my money.  The baby burger had a small amount of meat but a ton of vegetables. What I like, I discovered, about Fat Boy is that it is like a burger chain I used to eat at regularly that no longer exists: besides the usual lettuce, tomato, relish, mayo, pickles and onions, there is a list of other "free additions" to choose from.  I was too hungry to figure out what else I might want and took the standard issue, minus the fatty, salty cheese.  The whole 8 fries I allowed myself to eat had the skins on, my fave, and were crisped perfectly. I even allowed myself a teaspoon of catsup to dip them in.  YUM!  Ooh, haven't had burgers and fries for so long, and it will be that long again, but I surely did enjoy it today.  The oriental staff treated me with supreme deference, kind of hard to get used to being treated like what I was today: an elderly woman who is obviously ill and about to pass out, but I could try....I could try....

The dizziness and hunger pangs evaporated and off I went toward home.  A nap was calling.  Then I remembered one thing I still really needed from the grocery list, so I stopped at my neighbourhood Independent Grocery to pick it up....just a quick final pit stop before that nap.  Weeeeeellll....once inside the store I thought of just a few other things I should get from that list, PLUS I met 2 different folk from our church congregation and you know, a former priest's wife just has to stand and visit with them....for a long the point of forgetting about the nap I was racing to get home for........sigh.....

Eventually I made it home and got the groceries unpacked.  I also had to wash my husband's alb he had forgotten to bring home last week after his final church service and that I dragged all over the city after church today.  Then my parents phoned.  Then I remembered 2 emails I absolutely had to send out this afternoon, then, then, it is on the way to 5pm, my husband will be home for dinner in less than an hour and the nap isn't going to happen.

Unfortunately my body is telling me it really should still happen.  

I do have a lot of stew in the refrigerator, all ready to be reheated for dinner.  A few slices of toast to go with would surely be sufficient for both of us, right?  We don't eat dessert at home, more cooking required today....

Maybe if I just sit on the bed and read a few pages of my book and let whatever happens happen.....yeah...that is what I'll do.  I'll just doze off for a few minutes and pray that when my husband comes home and wakes me up to ask what we are having for dinner he will not be confronted by the raving, cursing, furious maniac that I turn into when I fall asleep this late in the afternoon.  Maybe if the sun is still shining as brilliantly and joyfully as it is right now when I wake up, maybe, just maybe we can avoid the raving, cursing, furious maniac thing.....maybe....

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