Sunday, October 16, 2016

If That Pie Could Only Talk......

There was a slight mixup after church today in regard to us picking up a pie set aside from Saturday's pie social at the church; a pie made specifically without any corn or oat products, just for my allergic husband to purchase and enjoy.  hahaha Hooo about a communication break down.  hahaha

When we arrived at church this morning, the baker of said pie told me she had left that pie in my husband's office so we could pick it up after the service.  She hadn't mentioned that to my husband, so when he joined us for coffee hour, carrying all his other office accoutrements to take home, he had no pie in his hands.  He hadn't noticed any pie in his hurry to collect his things.

I decided I would be helpful and allow him to enjoy a quick cup of tea with the other congregation members while I headed back to his office to pick up the pie.  I had been told it was in the office beside the registry book.  Into the darkness of the deserted office I peeked and yes, there beside the registry book was a pie, a beautiful pie....obviously a rhubarb pie instead of the apple pie we had requested, but hey, a home made pie just for my husband by a loving what if it wasn't apple? Rhubarb is also good.

I went downstairs to put some saran wrap over it for transporting it back home and mentioned to our loving friend that I would return her pie plate next Sunday. She looked at the pie and at me and told me it wasn't her pie or plate, so to just bring it back and put it in the church kitchen next week.  I was confused.  Why wasn't this her pie?   She asked me if I had picked up the pie beside the registry book, I told her I had and she was satisfied. Neither of us had any idea we were talking about 2 separate pies and that she assumed I had all ready collected hers and put it into my car!  Half way home I had the strongest urge that we should turn around and go look in the office again.  There was no point in keeping the pie we had if my husband didn't know what the ingredients were. Something else was niggling at me....some other misunderstanding may have occured.  So, we turned around and went back to the church.

I took the pie back to the office and made a more thorough search. Sure enough, after a bit of a look around I found another pie, labelled with my husband's name and inside a lovely pie carrier.  It was nowhere near the registry book, in fact it was on a different table all together.  What on earth had happened?

Short version:  when our friend put her pie for my husband on the table, the registry book had been sitting there.  When the counters of the offering came in after the service, they moved the registry book to a different desk.  The pie I had originally taken had been placed by a vestry member on that desk while the person was in a meeting instead of being at the coffee hour.  hahahaha  

The person picking up that first pie I absconded with is now going to be wondering how on earth it could still be where he or she left it, but is now covered with plastic wrap and will have no idea that while he or she was in that meeting that pie secretly went for a joy ride across the city!!!  hahaha  

Oh, if only that pie could talk!

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