Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Improvement Looming?

Last night, all night, seems as though it may have been the dreaded worst night of any cold virus if I am indeed following the usual pattern for these things. Between 10pm and 6am I sat up in bed, mostly awake, while every pore, every sinus cavity, my eyes, ears and every other part of my body leaked fluids. It was a hideous night, but the one that generally signals that possible healing is on the way. I stripped off wet bed clothes and bedding twice and freshened up both myself and the bed. Another hot shower this morning felt sooooo good!

As the day has worn on I have experienced a huge reduction in tissue use and have kept  the same outfit on the entire day. The fog has gradually been lifting from my mind. The bricks that seemed to be stacked on top of my head have disappeared. The coughing has been minimal and slowly my voice is returning. Wow, what a relief!

So, according to past experience, tomorrow is the crux day for getting better. As the day passes I will likely feel the slight increase in energy that could fool me into thinking forcing myself to clean house 🏡 or go grocery shopping would be a good idea, when actually, if I was to walk farther than from the 🚪 door of the suite to the car and back I would have a relapse within 24 hours or less. Hmmmm.....this day constitutes a bit of a problem since I MUST do some banking. My husband will be out of town working so cannot do it for me. Hmmmmm......o, hey, wait a minute: if I use the drive through window at the bank I literally only have to walk outside from the door of the suite to the car and back! (With a 15 minute drive in between, but I will be inside the vehicle with the windows rolled up so no possibility of a chill there, right?) As long as I don't get dizzy again and pass out behind the steering wheel while driving, all will be well!! (teehee....just kidding....gotcha!)

Problem solved!

Obviously I am starting to feel better!

PS does anyone know why these cute little icons are appearing for my use? ❤️ Luv 'em!

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