Monday, October 31, 2016

In Other Family News....

We had a good chat with our son last night. He and his dad are this evening looking for Christmas flights. Our son is trying to fly "home" for Christmas for the first time in a decade or more. We can hardly believe it. We will probably go a bit crazy if he actually does come: put up a tree, cook a 🦃 turkey and get a few small gifts. We have not given the boy a real Christmas in over 15 years! He has spent some rather miserable, lonely Christmases by himself far too often for one reason or another. If this works out he will be here to enjoy his dad's Christmas Eve church service.

He is going to also try to get to Saskatoon for a day to meet up with a 95 year old artist he is desperate to meet. Would you believe I am all ready praying for good weather and roads to take him there? Of course I am in all my winter weather paranoia! haha

Then in January we will try to all fly to Calgary for a day to take my dad out for a 90th birthday lunch. Our son will be teaching again at SFU starting that week, so we will work it out around that.

However this all works out, if it even does, it is wonderful to at least have the possibility for now of family plans in the near future! Other than a week on our summer holiday It has been awhile.....

My husband's sister and her husband are planning to visit us for a bit of an early Christmas the first weekend of December. Another good visit that I pray is not scuttled by bad weather, although those two are my winter driving super heroes. There are very few conditions they will not drive through. Amazing!

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