Friday, October 14, 2016

It's Boob Crushing Time Again....Blah!

My letter arrived in the mail a few days ago.....time to get my mammies grammed. Blecch! One good thing is that when I called a few minutes ago to make an appointment it happens there is a cancellation for this afternoon. I have the car today, so I took the appointment. Not much time to dread it at least.

I don't find the test itself that horrible. A few seconds of discomfort or even outright pain is no big deal. What gets to me is how cold those labs and machine parts are. Brrrrrrrrrr!!!!!! Seriously, the worst aspect of the ordeal. It is even worse than standing boob naked in front of the complete strangers who do the tests.

Well, so much for my happy plan to walk uptown after lunch to pay bills and enjoy a decently warm afternoon. Brrrrr....I all ready feel cold just thinking about what is to come.

Hey women readers of this blog, if you are not in the habit of having regular mammograms, get yourself an appointment and have it done. It's IMPORTANT!

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