Monday, October 24, 2016

Kind People

I am blown away by the kindness of our church congregation.  They were so sympathetic about me being too ill to attend my husband's farewell.  They cheered when he confirmed I am not also leaving.  All afternoon I received emails from people who will happily drive me to church on weekends when he is going to be out of town for work.  The congregation presented him with a HUGE gift certificate for one of our favourite restaurants as a goodbye present.  What loving messages were written by various individuals in the farewell card.  I got kind of teary reading them. A ton of leftover food from the potluck was sent home for us to enjoy today.

I am having what I call The Cusp Day: the day when my own behaviour will determine whether or not I recover quickly now or have a relapse that makes me ill for the rest of the week.  I am feeling weak and tired but the phlegmy throat is much better, the coughing has abated considerably and I had a relatively good sleep last night after my fever finally broke.  So, it is up to me to continue to stay very warmly dressed, continue with the NeilMed and Vicks VapoRub treatments and remain indoors for another day at least.

I ventured out long enough this morning to cross the parking lot and toss the garbage into the bin and then go into the office to find out how Boardwalk wants noise complaints here dealt with.  I was wearing so many layers of warm clothes I felt like a 4 year old dressed up for playing outside in the dead of winter....a tottering, elderly penguin....a trussed other words, extremely uncomfortable.  However it was good to get a whiff of some very fresh air for the whole minute it took to make the round trip.

So happy to learn that if there is another party in the middle of the night at the neighbours' we can just call the 24 hour Boardwalk line and they will send their own security over to deal with it.  That is a relief.  We really have not wanted to bother the city police with a noise complaint when they have so many more important problems to deal with in the middle of a weekend night.

Off to have another is so nice to be feeling considerably better, although I have a long way to go.

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