Friday, October 7, 2016

More Bailing, More Stress and a Death in the Family

My husband was able to sleep in a bit this morning after a 14 hour work day yesterday. So far that is the only good news he has had today. He awoke to the news that his step-father passed away last evening. While his passing was not completely unexpected it is always a shock to lose a family member. My husband was formulating tentative plans to fly out to see him but that will not happen now. Losing three parents has to be most difficult for both my husband and his sister, who was very close to her step-dad.

The flooding we found in the basement this morning was the worst since the first day it happened. Sigh....there are three cracks pouring water now. There is no more room left down there to shuffle any more belongings to dry ground. He spent an hour putting an initial patch over the worst of the offenders in hopes of slowing the flow for a little while at least before the pressure of the water outside pops it off again. Yes, it was a desperation move born of stress and exhaustion.

Speaking of exhaustion: when he finally left for work this morning, he offered to take the kitchen garbage bag to the big bin outside to dump it on his walk to the office. I watched him walk right past the bin and across the street, marching purposefully to his job, garbage bag firmly in hand. Sigh... I couldn't holler loudly enough to get his attention. Hopefully there is a bin at work he can put it into.

Now I have to race to be ready on time to scrape all the ice off the car and drive across the city on icy streets and no snow tires, picking up my visiting cousin for lunch here and ferrying her back across the ice to where she is staying tonight.

The day just gets better and better......thankfully for me, the sweetness of the visit with my cousin should compensate for the scary driving.

Quite a start to the Thanksgiving weekend around here!

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