Sunday, October 23, 2016

No Farewell For Me

 It is rather embarrassing to be too ill to go to my own husband's farewell party. Drat! Since it is only himself leaving our congregation, while I will be staying, it isn't quite as sad to miss out as it would be if the party was to say goodbye to both of us. It is a potluck and since I wouldn't be able to eat at 10:45am anyway, at least I get to avoid looking rude. I am pleased for him that despite his abbreviated tenure there they are still throwing a party 🎉. That is nice, especially since they are so upset he has to leave all ready. They are a lovely, caring group.

It was nice to have a somewhat decent sleep last night. The girls across the parking lot were not partying. I sat up in bed all night to keep my sinuses from pooling gunk in my throat. Sitting upright to sleep when I have a cold is incredibly helpful for preventing badly plugged nasal passages. So, while I still feel crappy, I am grateful it isn't worse than it is. A couple more days of staying inside, having hot showers and slathering on the Vicks VapoRub and I should be on the mend.

Now I am praying my husband doesn't come down with this. I am concerned. One aspect of his CFS is that he is almost always running a low grade infection. The lymph nodes in his arms and thighs are swollen most of the time, but last night the lymph nodes in his neck were starting to swell. That is usually an indication an infection is going to worsen for awhile. He is so busy at work. If he has to miss work due to illness he will be stressed. I am hoping my prayers for his health over the coming week will get a YES answer.

Looks like we may have to reschedule our holidays for next year. My husband may have a chance to return to Africa for a week's conference in mid June....right in the middle of our holiday time. Sigh...  However, it would be a fabulous conference for him and could culminate with a side trip into Burundi if the civil war has scaled back by then. He needs to check on the plans for the hospital our diocese is trying to build there. Lots of exciting possibilities coming his way in the next few months.

It is a lovely sunny day. It is chilly but at least the bright blue sky is cheery after yesterday's grey clouds and drenching rain. We are thrilled that after all the patching my husband did in the basement, there is only one spot where the water is trickling in. Another coat of patching should fix that. Yay!

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