Monday, October 31, 2016

Our Last Halloween?

It is nearly 7pm on Halloween night and we have had 8 trick or treaters at the door. Sigh....where have all the kids in our complex gone this year??? I thought last year's turnout was disappointing, but this year's is absolutely dismal! Thankfully I purchased small bags of potato chips this year instead of candy. The chips will be far easier to dispose of at various church potlucks and other events over the next few weeks than candy would have been.

If we still live in this complex next year I think we will go out for dinner and a movie and return home after the whole trick or treat event is over for the night. First we get held hostage having to stay home to hand out expensive junk food to complete strangers, then too few of those adorably cute strangers show up to take the over priced junk food off our hands.

Yah.....don't think we will bother next year....

No more Halloween, right on the heels of no more Christmas cards. What old curmudgeons we are getting to be. I simply don't have the energy any more to keep up with these things and my husband never did participate much in either event.

Time for a change!

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