Saturday, October 8, 2016

Slowly the Problems Get Solved and Other Good Things...Such as Lancaster Tap House!

My husband is still very sad about losing his step-father.  He takes these sorts of things very hard and is still grieving the loss of his own father about 15 years ago and his mother as well, about 5 years ago now.  He doesn't say much but occasionally will admit he finds such losses hard to take.

So, today he threw himself into the basement wall sealing project. He wanted to get started as it will take several days and we are scheduled for more rain/snow midweek. He took the risk of putting a second coat of sealant on the wall, even though the reservoir of underground water still has it running in.  The sealant held well, other than in two small trickly spots, so he ground a small groove into the cement and installed a long piece of metal that dips down over a pail on the floor. The drips that are still coming in are following the metal piece and landing in the pail instead of on the floor.  It is saving a good deal of power as I am not now spinning out wet towels and having to dry them over and over and over again.  This afternoon we began the quest for more of the particular sealant he so enjoys working with and that seems most effective on our old, cracking, heaving basement. By the time we located the product it turned out to be in a store that had all ready closed for the day, so we will try and track it down there tomorrow morning.  My husband has this Sunday off church and I think perhaps I may just miss it as well and run errands with him.  He hits the ground running on Tuesday again at work and will be gone for several days, so I want to spend as much time as possible with him. 

In the course of today's running about we had opportunity to stop at the home of our Egyptian friends and share a cup of tea together.  He was telling us more about the political situation in Egypt. What a terrible, scary disaster that country's population seems to be facing these days. So glad our friend's mother is out of there. Perhaps he will be able to rescue his brothers and their families as well, in time.

At dinner time we found ourselves outside the Lancaster Tap House in Harbour Landing.  Diabetic desperation for food drove us inside.  It didn't look like "our kind of place" and I had to search a bit for menu items I can eat, but wow, what a wonderful surprise we had.  We ordered off the limited "Small Plate" portion of the menu.  The portions definitely were small, but so delicious, so well prepared and presented, we were more than satisfied AND we had room for dessert!  My husband had the tiny Surf 'n'Turf.  It consisted of 3 small, medium rare slices of sirloin tip and 3 large prawns served over a bed of red pepper mashed potatoes, with a side of perfectly cooked carrots and zucchini.  It looked too beautiful to eat.  We couldn't get over the care and attention put into cooking each small item to perfection.  The prawns were perfectly cooked, still firm rather than soggy soft from over grilling.  The veggies were slightly el dente.  I had the same veggie side with my small salmon steak, alongside potato salad that was in a creamy sauce with thinly sliced baby cucumber and onions.  My salmon had a citrus blend coulis resting beneath it that offset the added salt on the fish.  O my it was good.  The prices on our meals were reasonable, that is for sure.  We both prefer tiny, perfectly cooked and well presented meals to huge, gooey, overcooked prairie fare that is unsatisfying and based on carbohydrates, no matter how inexpensive such a meal may be.

There are only 4 desserts on the menu but all 4 sounded fantastic.  My husband ordered Ale Beignet.  The wedges were lightly dusted with icing sugar.  I ordered the baked Pretzel.  Both were huge amounts but only cost half the price of our tiny meals.  The cutting board platters that they were served on also sported a few fresh kumquats (which we both LOVE) and 3 dips: a dark, bitter rum chocolate sauce, a rasperry coulis and a spiced cream cheese.  Oooooh, to die for!!!!  We shared a bite of each other's desserts, but knew they were both too large for either of us to finish.  I requested a take away box, which appeared immediately, along with 3 small lidded containers in which I could spoon any remaining amount of each of the 3 dips.  I think I will just give my husband the leftover portion of my own dessert.  One dessert every couple of weeks is more than enough for me these was such a treat that any more tomorrow will spoil the specialness of the occasion.  I don't want to run the risk of developing once again that "sweet tooth" that plagued me for most of my life.  The freedom of not craving sugar or breads....well, it is amazing; something I despaired for years of ever getting free of.

The staff at Lancaster Tap House is well trained, professional, helpful and right on time with menus, orders, refills on drinks etc. etc.  Our waiter was efficient and helpful, but otherwise unobtrusive.  

We spent a lot of money on dinner tonight....mostly in the form of tips!  Both waiter and chef received a decent one tonight because we were so pleasantly surprised.  The attention to detail, the use of fresh ingredients in the meals, the great service were all worth a few extra dollars.  We had no idea that such an unprepossessing looking little pub was serving such excellent food.  What a lovely serendipity for us!! It will almost replace the loss of our favourite Unique Bistro. The menu is not extensive and there are a number of items baked with corn that my husband will not be able to try, but there is enough variety to sustain us while we return a few more times to find our favourites.

After dinner we came home and phoned my parents to wish them a Happy Thanksgiving....and we wish the readers of this blog the same!  Enjoy the holiday and any turkey eating you have opportunity to partake of!  We certainly plan to!

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