Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Snow and Blow, My Morning Has Been Productive in Spite of You!!

This morning I was down in the basement shortly before 7:30am, wringing out catch towels, mopping up more water, tossing the wet towels into the dryer and ringing dry towels around the bottom of the "basin" in the heaved basement floor where all the leaking water runs into, trying to soak up as much as possible before the flow expands past the main flow route and spreads the rest of the way across the floor.  My power bill is going to go up substantially this month due to the excessive use of the dryer, but better that than having the entire basement floor all wet.  My husband has to wait until the leaking wall and floor cracks dry sufficiently in order to apply the sealant properly and that is not going to happen for  a few days yet. The forecast is for more moisture, mostly in the form of snow, to continue for at least 2 more full days.  Yuck!!

By 8:30am I finished my breakfast and was ready to take the bus downtown.  Today is the last Wednesday outdoor farmers' market near Cornwall Centre and I  needed to purchase 2 pies.  (For some reason I volunteered to bake 2 pies for our church pie sale next weekend before remembering my rolling pin got lost in the last move and I will have to buy lard and tin foil plates, find enough room on the kitchen counter to actually roll out pie dough once I purchase another rolling pin, find some fresh fruit that isn't too horrible in the grocery store and then find the time to bake them during the busiest week on record in order to deliver them on time.  No way am I taking on any more stress next week than I all ready have.  Not sure what possessed me to sign up in the first place, but it seemed like a good idea at the time....duh!!!!  So hey, if you live in Regina and want to enjoy a large slice of pie and a cup of tea or coffee for only $5, head over to Living Spirit Centre next Saturday, October 15, between noon and 3pm!

I was on the bus heading north by 8:50am, hoping and praying that at least a few of the vendors, preferably at least one that sells homemade pies, would be hardy enough to show up and put up their booths in the snow and wind that arrived at 8am.  I am praising God, that is for sure.  There were only a half dozen vendors who braved the weather to set up in the misery that I am sure this day is giving them.  One of them had freshly baked pies!!  YES!!  Thank you Lord!!!  I scooped up both a peach and saskatoon pie and they look just lovely, obviously home made.  Whew!!  Now I will be able to enjoy my ton of committments next week without worrying about making pies at the last minute.  AND I can still fulfill my committment of 2 pies that are home baked.  

Since I still had 25 minutes before my bus came to return me home, I deaked into Cornwall Centre and waited for the optical company to open so I could get a refill on my lens cleaner.  Cornwall Centre happens to have some very comfy chairs and couches down at that end of the building and I was able to avail myself of one of them while waiting for the place to open at 9:30am.  By 9:40am I was back on the bus and on my way home.  I got home an exactly an hour after boarding the first bus downtown, made it downstairs to exchange wet towels for dry once again and now I have a few hours of ironing to do to complete a busy day here at home.

The snow is sticking to the grass, but it is quite wet and heavy.  This afternoon the forecast by 2pm is for "snowstorm", so we will see what that is going to mean exactly.  hahaha

My husband emailed his hiking buddies last evening to let them know he is not going to go with them this weekend.  The friend from up north that was to join them and take his vehicle, is sitting looking at nearly 20cm of snow that extends far south of his area and there is more coming down.  The guys would be driving for about 9 to 10 hours to get to the Crowsnest from here, and driving through snow and the remains of snowfall for the first 6 hours.  The forecast for the Pass is rain both days they would be trying to hike, my husband suspects he may be coming down with a cold, he is tired out and decided to put on his grown up man pants, suck it up and stay home instead of pushing through lousy weather conditions to likely  encounter more lousy weather, camping and hiking conditions before returning home feeling exhausted and unfulfilled.  I feel really badly for him that it has not worked out.  Hopefully the compensation of being able to attend two Thanksgiving dinners here at home will help at least a wee bit to assuage his sorrow at having to miss a trip to the mountains.  I am grateful personally to not have to spend the weekend worrying about what they are encountering for weather, bears, vehicle hassles, camping stresses etc.

I wore a hoodie...ooooh, sorry, a BUNNY HUG!.....under my heavy raincoat to ride the bus today.  I had gloves and had to put my hood over my head to keep my hair dry.  Egad!  Despite a triple layer of clothes, +1C with a biting wind was almost too cold for my gear.  I am getting old and cold, soft, winter weather challenged....I nearly froze!!  Brrrrr.....  

I am grateful I found homemade pies, grateful I had time to refill the lens cleaner bottle, grateful the buses were on time as usual, grateful there is so much moisture falling on the still warm pavement that there is not yet an ice buildup and also delighted to look at the longer term forecast and realize that starting next week sometime there is at least hope of some drier days with warmer temperatures...hopefully for long enough to seal the basement wall and floor better than they are now.


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