Thursday, October 20, 2016

So.... It's a Couple of Hours Later and I 'm Fine Again! YAY!!

My poor demoralized husband arrived home finally after his useless trip to Moose Jaw.  He was so upset by what he viewed as his own failure to arrive on time he could hardly choke down his supper.  I felt so badly for him.  As he told me about his day I came up with 7 different factors that combined to make him too late to make the vehicle transfer and I think he felt somewhat better after we discussed them together. 

It will be okay.

Apparently as the insurance manager was closing the door in his and the sellers' faces tonight, they were told that the transaction they wanted would take at least 20 minutes and so unless they had all arrived there at least 30 minutes before closing time the agents would have refused to do the paperwork anyway.  Nice to know our business is so incredibly unimportant and unneccessary for them.  I guess when you are stuck with province wide government insurance the agents can treat you any way they want as you have no choice but to purchase it. There are no private company options here.  Wish everyone involved at our end of the deal had been told that when we phoned to check on their hours of operation etc.

So....don't know what the lesson is for today and maybe there isn't one.  

I do know that we are now scheduled to make this transaction on Oct. 31.  hahaha  Well....we shall see how it goes then! hahaha

One improvement on this scenario over today's is that I will be there to sign on as co-owner and we won't have to make several trips beyond that to get the licensing and insurance changed over to include both of us. is actually all good...right?  Of course right!

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Chris e. said...

I'd say the only lesson to be learned is by the insurance place, something on the order of 'goes around, comes around.' Sorry this is such a hassle.
As for me--make that 'us' actually--we would recommend postponing the transaction till the business day after Hallowe'en. We have made a few major moves on Hallowe'en and each has not gone well; bad enough that I am now very wary of doing anything that day. Superstitious? Perhaps. But then again, maybe not.
Just remember if this doesn't work out, there's a good reason for it and then the next vehicle will be the right one.