Monday, October 3, 2016

Soul Over Body...Robert's Journey

Continued prayer is requested for Robert by his family. Prayer and all things spiritual are new to them, but fortunately desperation, if nothing else, can cause hearts to seek deeper meaning to life than this present suffering. They have been befriended by a minister who is tending to them in their trials.

Robert has been admitted to hospital in a cloud of unrelenting pain. One brain tumor has suddenly grown to two, blood clots threaten his lungs. The medical staff is easing the physical pain as best they can between treatments. His family is finally sleeping at night knowing he is in more competent hands than theirs. 

It is very difficult for everyone, of course. While physical healing seems unlikely now, spiritually he seems more open to the considerations of his soul and his eternal destiny. 

Please pray that in the midst of his horrific illness, Robert and his family will discover the One who brings peace to even the most painful circumstances. Pray for the minister who is caring for them as he shares the source of that peace.

The family sends their thanks to you.

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