Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The Flood of 2016

Well, it finally happened. Sigh.....

The combination of 80mm of rain in less than 36 hours with 80 km per hour winds pounding the north side of our unit for a good 24 of those hours resulted in a never before noticed large crack in one corner of the north basement wall becoming a waterfall. We didn't notice it until this afternoon when I was separating the laundry loads and saw a huge puddle of water running out from under the dryer. Aiiiii yiiiii....

So, my husband is spending the rest of his day off slapping new parging and sealant in that corner of the basement. It will match the work he had to do in the other corner last year. I feel so badly for him! He all ready experienced one disappointment this morning when he discovered, after a long drive across the city, that the computer store that carries the badly needed drum and ink cartridge for our favourite printer has closed permanently. 

There are some good things though which have happened as a result of this flood: when my husband started to move everything we had stored in the flooded area to dry ground, he was delighted to see that the pallets so many boxes were sitting on did manage to keep our things dry. He was delighted as well to discover that 3/4 of those boxes are actually filled with bubble wrap and other packing materials rather than with personal items! Yay! We are both overjoyed to realize we actually have less junk than we thought we did! Yay! We found a huge family of spiders living in behind those boxes, so between my husband racing outside with as many as he could salvage and me stomping on the rest (sorry everyone, but to me spiders are THE ENEMY and I don't save them. I know, I am a bad person. O well.....), most of them are gone for now. Whatever spiders remain hidden, lurking down there, will eventually find their way upstairs to find either salvation or death, depending on which one of us is home at the time. 

So, it is my turn to go mop up the laundry area. My husband is exhausted and frustrated, but at  least our only real loss to the water damage is some now soggy cardboard from the packing materials.

You never know what you are going to find around this place. Aiiii yiiiii...... haha

O, and other good news: Anazon has both printer drum and cartridge on order now and will have them delivered a week from today...not that long to wait, plus it saves us having to do more research for other local retailers that usually don't carry the older printer parts and refills we want. Less expensive as well, sad to say, as we prefer to buy locally. 

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