Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Today's Walk in the Great Outdoors....So NOT a Good Plan!

After yesterday's day of staying inside for me to get the laundry done and my husband to complete a work related project (okay, it wasn't specifically for WORK...not technically anyway, so he felt justified doing it on a day off), plus my husband's ingestion of 2/3 of a home made apple pie in less than 24 hours, we decided today we needed to get outside and get some exercise.

In theory it was a great plan; a necessary plan for our mutual good health.  We decided to time our walk downtown with my designated lunch schedule so I could have a salad at Zam Zam Wraps and my husband could slurp up a big bowl of their tasty lentil soup.  Aaaahhhh, a great reward after a session of bill paying at the bank across the street from there.

At 11:30am we went and stood outside for a minute to get a good feel of temperature and wind direction so we would be dressed warmly enough without being too overdressed.  We each tried a couple of sweater/coat combinations before we were satisfied our outerwear was just right for the conditions.  Off we strode down the sidewalk.

1.5 blocks from our front door the weather went through one of those instant changes the prairies are so famous for...okay, so to us it is more like "infamous", but that is us.  Out of nowhere an horrific north west wind began pounding us full in the face and driving teensy snow pellets up behind my glasses and into my husband's eyes.  We kept walking, almost faster than my still recovering leg muscles could handle, trying to stay warm and hoping for an end to the pellets.  We made it another 3 blocks before deciding the bills could wait for another couple of days when I return downtown for a haircut and that we wouldn't need any more spending cash until then either.  We propelled ourselves down a side street toward the  neighbourhood vegetarian restaurant for black bean burgers and fried tofu wraps with salad, hoping by the time we were finished eating the weather would have improved.

No such luck.  If anything the wind was worse as we left the restaurant and the pellets were bigger and soggier.  Brrrrr.....  Not a chance we were going to head all the way downtown. We immediately headed home.  We took a shortcut through the lot at my husband's office, stopping in there long enough to pick up his drill set, then ducked behind and between as many large, sheltering buildings as possible the rest of the way home.  

We thought we would be okay to walk today as there was no moisture forecast, even 10 minutes before we left when we checked the latest report.  

As it turns out I am now grateful about not being able to find a buyer for my leather HD jacket.  Although it is far too large for me now, it covered the underlayers of sweaters and shirts, the sleeves drop down over my hands to add extra protection to the thin gloves I was wearing and the leather of course is a fabulous wind breaker.

Wow.....a typical prairie weather experience!  In the autumn and winter you never know from one minute to the next what is going to happen with the weather.  While today it was inconvenient for us, at the same time the quickly changing weather is one of the most amazing phenomenons on the prairies. Despite getting rather chilly and damp and having to cut our walk short, we enjoyed our foray outside.  

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