Monday, October 31, 2016

Tomorrow is Pick Up the Car Day, Yay!

And yes, for all you detail nitpickers, it was supposed to be today.  However, we got a text last night from Toronto that our sellers got stranded there on their way home last night due to weather related flight delays and were spending the night in the airport....blecch! They are such sweet people and seasoned world travellers so were less upset about it than I would be, but they had no certainty as to when they would get back to Regina today.  

We are extremely grateful it couldn't happen today after all.  My husband is so tired he can hardly stand up and I am exhausted.  We don't have to leave the suite today if we don't feel like it, no drives out of town for sales and exchanges and insurance forms with the added time limit of needing to be home for the teensiest kids in our complex who start trick or treating at 4:30pm.  

I am happy my husband can numb himself today with sleep and wretched old tv shows and have no plans whatsoever to have to fulfill.  Just praying our sellers can return home safely and get some rest themselves.  The weather is even supposed to be better tomorrow than today...warmer, even some possible sunshine...and no deadline for returning home.  


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