Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Typical Reaction to Winter's Onset

Apparently I am going to have my annual bad reaction to the arrival of winter:  I am so sleepy I can't stay awake for more than an hour at a time without dozing off for a few moments; I have zero motivation to do anything at all other than stare off into space between naps; my entire body feels like it is in a meat locker because I am SO freakin' cold; everything and everyone annoys me; I can't stand looking outside at the grey sky'd snowiness; I start crying over nothing at all, it irritates me that I have no car access for most of this week...as if the buses suddenly stopped running or something...I am not exactly stranded, but still I feel annoyed!

This too shall pass in another day or two.  It always does. I was hoping the whole reaction could be avoided this year, but no, unfortunately not. Woke up with the reaction this morning.  Just thankful it doesn't take more than a few days to go away.

In the department of Good News: we enjoyed our second Thanksgiving turkey dinner last night with friends in Lumsden.  It has been a year since we last got together and it seems every time we have shared a meal with them I have just broken another bone and am in recovery. hahaha  They said they didn't recognize me last night as I had no cane, walker, or crutches with me. hahaha  The food was as fantastic as it was at the meal the previous evening and I feel blessed and spoiled and completely sated with the delicious weekend repasts.

We made the trip out and back in the snow with no tire problems. The pavement was just warm enough to keep the moisture melting as it landed, so other than a filthy dirty car, all is well in the auto mechanics side of life today.  Hopefully my husband encountered similar road conditions today on his way to Gordon Reserve and back, a fair distance north of where we were visiting last night.  

My husband sends out a HUGE thank you for all the phone calls and emails of condolence he has received on the death of his step-father and I thank you too.  That kind of support has been a blessing to him all weekend.

I was hoping the ink jet and drum for our printer would arrive today, but no such luck.  Today was to be the arrival day but I don't think the stoppage of mail service for Canadian Thanksgiving was taken into consideration when the delivery date from the US was set. Maybe tomorrow???  The first 2 monthly utility bills should arrive tomorrow in the mail and it would be great to be able to bus up to the bank to pay them and to the pick up outlet for the printer parcel afterward.

So, I am counting the hours now until I feel more alive once again, am more into the new season, am more physically and mentally adjusted to the start of several months of snow and ice and cold, cold winds. I have a scheduled phone call tomorrow with a friend from Ontario and she always helps perk me up.  She is fabulous to talk to anytime about anything at all. It is a very mutual friendship when it comes to support and I so appreciate that about her.

I hope to accompany my husband to Moose Jaw on Saturday.  Our vehicle we are to pick up may not be ready that day after all, but if I go with him I can visit friends and window shop while he is at his meeting.  Then we are invited out for dinner.  It should be a very nice day indeed.

Some good things are going on in the midst of my negative reaction to the change of season.  YAY! 

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