Saturday, October 22, 2016

Ugh! I'm Ill! Blecch Pooey!!!

I break a lot of bones but I rarely get colds...once every 4 or 5 years is the usual.  Apparently this is the year.  I had phantom symptoms on Thursday evening but by noon yesterday it seemed I was going to be fine.  WRONG!!

Well, I am not having a whiny pity party, just experiencing the disappointment that comes with having to cancel out on the day's fun activities I was looking forward to:
-getting to know the choir member who was picking me up for the special rehearsal today
-retail therapy and lunch after choir rehearsal with another new friend

So, not the end of the world.  There will other opportunities to get to spend time with all the people involved.  What is more important this weekend is that I pull myself together sufficiently tomorrow morning to get out of bed and drag my sore throat, swollen glands, congested lungs and paining sinuses to church for my husband's final Sunday as priest there, situate myself far enough away from everyone to avoid spreading this cold around and enjoy at least token participation in the cold plate pot luck after the service since it was put together especially for us as the congregation's farewell.

Why do colds never arrive at convenient times, right? hahaha  As if there is such a thing....

The student neighbour girls across the parking lot from us had the party to end all parties last night and it wasn't over until around 5am.  Everyone else in our complex who was obviously awakened by the noise as we were, at least if the number of interior lights in the other suites at that time of morning is anything to go by, didn't call the police apparently.  Usually someone does but no one did this time, including ourselves.  We decided we will let the managment know what happened, how many times these loud parties have occurred over the past 18 months and do the management the courtesy of letting them know the police are now going to be called every time the noise goes past 1am.  That is giving these girls and their many friends 2 hours past the city noise bylaw to pack in the yelling and singing and screaming.  It is most unfortunate in this day and age that it isn't safe for my husband or myself to go over there in the middle of the night and simply ask them all to be quiet, but with the amount of drugs and alcohol that were apparently being consumed, not knowing if any of them were armed....good grief how things have changed in the last 20 years....we decided it wasn't wise to try to approach any of them.  I will probably drop a note in the girls' mailbox as well to inform them of the intention to involve the police.  It makes us both feel badly.  There is so little trouble in this housing complex, at least as far as noise.  We know that young people who are working hard at university need to blow off steam, but it isn't right that they do that here where working people with  young families are going to lose sleep. So, having to deal with it at all leaves me with added sick feelings in the pit of my stomach.  Nothing makes me happier than when people can just get along.

The grey sky and cold temperatures are kind of depressing too I suppose, BUT another day without snow or ice on the ground is a happy day, illness and all!!  Any day after Sept. 30 that is not snowy or icy is a PERFECT day!!  hahaha

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Chris e. said...

Yes definitely everyone needs to take steps to give the noise makers the message. I wouldn't be waiting till one a.m. either! One complex we lived in was fairly quiet when we moved in. Some party animals moved in, nothing was done by management, and one by one the good tenants started to leave, replaced by friends of the party animals. Three years later, you could almost see the buildings pulsating with noise Friday and Saturday nights. I'm not sure what happened with the place but short of mass evictions I doubt there was much that could be done to turn it around.