Wednesday, October 19, 2016


I am delighted that a phone call last night from Community Living galvanized my husband and myself to choose some clothing, household goods and small appliances we don't need any more and pack them up to donate: FOUR BOXES worth! Yay! 

Community Living is a charity that provides for mentally disabled folk and we are happy to help out a bit.

While I find it fairly easy to get rid of most collected items I don't use or wear often enough to justify keeping them, my husband finds it much more difficult to part with most anything at all. I am so proud of him. It was difficult for him to pack up the iced cream maker we haven't used in 20 years and the bamboo sticky bun basket he hasn't used in over 5 years, but he did it. He was a bit sad to see them go, but both of us are noticing a change in him of late. He has realized his hoarding tendencies and is not only learning to let go, but to trust the Lord for those choices. He knows now that should he ever unexpectedly require an iced cream maker or a bamboo sticky bun basket, one will turn up from somewhere just in time. 

This morning I am gazing contentedly at four boxes of items that are going out, mostly household items; items we will not have to box up next time we move; items we will not be stuck with while not using them in yet another abode. 

This morning I feel like a tv evangelist as I am thinking, "Thank you Jeeeeeeesus!" 

If you have ever lived with a hoarder type of person you will understand the depth of my joy.

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