Friday, October 21, 2016

What a Gorgeous Day!

Today has been warm, sunny, with a brilliantly blue sky and only a slight cool breeze....the perfect autumn day.  

It has been so glorious that I have been for two walks today.  My husband had to take the car unexpectedly to work this morning, so I knew I wouldn't be able to pick up a fairly large load of necessary groceries.  I broke the trip into two parts.  Right after breakfast I took two of the more heavy duty fabric carry bags from the hall closet to carry home load number one.  I picked up the heaviest of the necessary groceries after a pleasant walk to the store and with the two bags, balanced evenly for weight, was able to enjoy the walk home.  After lunch I went back to the store for a lighter load.  I was grateful to have an excuse to go out a second time.  Not all the trees along my route are bare yet and I enjoyed walking under the branches still covered with yellow leaves. 

Phone and email conversations today have been encouraging. Sunny conversations have been as uplifting as the sunny outdoors today.  

Tomorrow is a special extra choir rehearsal and I have two offers of rides.  One of my friends wants to go shopping afterward with me for jeans at another mutual friend's store, so I hope the practise ends in time for us to do that.  

If the weather is even half this nice again tomorrow it is going to be a ton of fun riding around the city for music and shopping fun!

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