Wednesday, October 12, 2016

With the Return of Sunshine Comes the Return of Joy!

After one miserable night's sleep, I finally got a few hours of rest and awoke to the sunrise this morning.  It was rather beautiful in all its reds and pinks.  The clouds cleared off immediately afterward and the sun is shining brightly.  There is no warmth to it, but at least the sky looks lighter than it did during the weekend of heavy clouds.  After one lousy sleep to usher in the winter, it was grand to go for a walk after breakfast and enjoy the brilliance.

Yay, it seems I am getting over the winter doldrums a day earlier than usual this year.  The bad sleep was last night all ready: dark thoughts about aging, retirement income, ever worsening chronic health issues, the world at war, the fallout of our nation's sliding economy....oh, there wasn't much left anywhere in the world to be concerned about by about 4:30am. I had covered most of my own, my family's, my friends' and the entire world's problems.  hahahaha  How glad I am this is such a rare occurence!  Thank you Lord!!

In the absence of the Bishop, my husband headed out to House of Prayer early this morning, with a deacon who is doing his pre-ordination retreat.  I hope it will be a most fulfilling time for them both.  HoP is a lovely Roman Catholic retreat centre near Fort Qu'Appelle.  My husband and I are thinking some time when we need a break but can't afford to go anywhere farther away, it could be a great place to spend a couple of his days off.  The scenery around the place is quite lovely.

The monthly bills are starting to arrive in the mail, but I think I will not save them up to pay all at once this month.  As long as the snow and rain do not return it would be good for me to make several forays out of the house while conditions still allow me to walk safely around the city.  More than one trip out would be good for me as there will be sufficient number of months coming up that I will have to either drive or take the transit bus to banks and stores.  I have time to pay one today between lunchtime and my Ontario phone call.......yeah, that is a great idea.  It will get me the chillyness...and the bright sunshine that is such a rare commodity in winter.

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