Monday, October 10, 2016

You Know You're Really a Loser When Your Own iPhone Chews You Out!!!

My husband is having a war with the fitness programme he subscribes to through his iPhone. hahahahaha  He has had a very sedentary weekend thus far and his phone is not letting him off the exercising hook!!

For the past 3 days it has been beeping, pinging, ringing and singing every few hours.  When he checks his phone and text messages all he finds is a reminder that he has not walked his full set of steps, burned off his daily number of calories, or what have you.  The messages have been more pointed today than they were the past 2 days and he is starting to feel like a total lazy bones! hahaha

The messages begin with "We have noticed you have not been walking the required number of steps lately.......".  Some of them are not that polite!!  

I am giggling to see him freaking out every time his phone makes noises as he wonders what fresh reminder of his laziness is going to be thrown at him next.  A guy can't even take a weekend off to recover from being too overorked without his iPhone getting after him to get a move on.

Today he has been trying to figure out how to shut that particular feature off without losing the entire fitness programme.  No success thus far.  hahaha

He is most annoyed now because the phone has started making the same sounds for chewing out as it is for upgrades and for newly arrived text messages. He has a lot, A LOT, of meetings this coming week at work and doesn't want to be worrying that he is missing out on important messages while he is in sessions when in actuality his phone is simply telling him he has been sitting down for too long at a stretch. hahahahaha

Personally, I think it is absolutely hilarious!! 

I am grateful that in the midst of his sadness over losing his step-dad he can see the humour in this craziness with the phone.

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