Friday, November 4, 2016

An Evening of Pleasant Surprises

My husband and I didn't feel like making dinner this evening.  I was worn out from the activities of the day and he was in a hurry to get to Canadian Tire for a second set of tire rims and other necessary accoutrements for the car.  

So we opted to go to The Nest piano bar, rather last minute.  Like the other local good restaurants it is easy to discover the downturned nature of our present economy by the lack of patrons right at dinner hour on a Friday evening.  When we left just before 7:30pm the place was only about 2/3 full, when previously there have been lines outside the door waiting for tables on the weekends.  Other than some of the less expensive neighbourhood pubs and family restaurants, 2/3 full even on the weekends seems to be standard patronage in restaurants here these days.  We had the usual delicious meal there tonight and enjoyed the piano accomplishments of a young gal who was having such a great time entertaining us we had no choice but to smile and enjoy it ourselves.  What a wonderful surprise date night.  I can get a lovely Greek style spinach and feta stuffed chicken breast there with a good looking and tasting baked potato and a decent sized side of broccolini.  My husband had his usual fusilli chicken pasta dish and there was so much of it that half the portion now resides in our refrigerator waiting to be eaten for breakfast tomorrow. hahaha  Yup, breakfast!

By the time we got home we had the rims, a new longer handled ice scraper for the windows, new floor mats and some better ice melt for the windshield.  We were pleased to find out that the mechanics at Canadian Tire insist on taking vehicles into the shop and making sure the new rims are the right ones before purchase as they cannot be returned once they have left the store.  Oh my....between the rise in insurance cost and the new rims and now the purchase and installation next Tuesday of the winter studded tires, we have spent a small fortune all ready, BUT how wonderful to just get everything we need right away and have done with it.  As of next week's tire appointment we will be all ready for the winter weather.

Good communications today with friends.  One of them is preparing for her pastoral ordination and is experiencing every possible trial, That seems to happen to most ordination candidates in the few months prior to the ceremony.  She will survive and do well, I am certain.  Another had an horrendous fall onto hard pavement yesterday and smashed up her face pretty well, but the pain and bruising from her injuries are being mitigated by being able to at last get onto her farmland to start picking up the grain that has been laying in the swath for weeks waiting to dry out sufficiently to complete the harvest.  Testing the grain today, it finally was close to the magic number 14.8 that is needed for taking it off the ground to be combined.  Many of my friends are experiencing extreme stresses this week, yet there seem to be blessings in the midst of the trials.

So, if I am going to get up early in the morning, help my husband change the headlamp bulb on the car and get the upstairs of this suite cleaned, I am going to head for bed early again tonight.  I feel quite a bit better today, enjoyed my walk this afternoon immensely.  By the time I started for home I had to unbutton my coat, it was that warm outside!  The maintenance folk at the complex were cutting the lawns again today as there has been spectacular growth since the fall fertilizer was applied and then followed up with such warm, sunny weather.

Today was most satisfying and the unexpected date night and shopping spree topped it all off very nicely indeed!

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