Friday, November 4, 2016

Back At It

So happy this morning! Although I am not over this dumb infection yet, I had sufficient energy and motivation to clean the downstairs of this crazy 😜 old suite this morning. I did a thorough job, cleaning every slat on every window blind and vacuuming the tops and bottoms of the baseboards properly. Chairs, tables and stands got pushed aside and tipped over to get the vacuum into as many cracks and crannies as possible. I know I am healing when cleaning house brings so much joy and subsequent attention is paid to the small details.

However, I am pacing myself! The upstairs cleaning can wait until tomorrow. That way I won't run out of energy and be tempted to cheat on the details. Ooooh, clean always feels so good!

This afternoon I will take a short walk to the post office and get a parcel mailed. It is only a ten block round trip and I want to take full advantage of the remaining pre-snow and ice days that will soon be upon us. It is warm enough outside that I will be able to amble along, enjoying the sunshine ☀️ with no need to race. My thigh muscles need the work out after two weeks of mostly sitting around feeling miserable.

Yup, so far it has been a happily productive day! My husband took the car to work this morning...finally his chance to wrestle it away from me, I will not be able to wimp out of my walk after lunch.

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