Monday, November 28, 2016

Brrrrrrr.....I Guess Winter May Finally Be Truly Upon Us....Finally....???

We had a small skiff of snow today.  It is laying on top of the thinnest of bands of frozen raindrops on a few of the road surfaces and tarred parking lots, but it isn't that slippery just yet.  Tonight and tomorrow we are supposedly "in for it" for snowfall...somewhere between 5 and 15cm. will be amazing to have actual snowfall that is deep enough to require shovelling.  It has taken until almost the very end of November for the real winter to arrive.

Have I mentioned before how grateful I am for that??  teehee What do you mean, "Yes dear, more than once!" hahahaha

My husband picked the best days thus far in the season to have a cold and 'flu', that is for certain.  He has a wonderful excuse to stay indoors during our first possible true snowfall.  (I say "possible" because thus far it has yet to happen despite the forecast that says it should have started several hours ago.)  He was able to avoid scraping frost and light ice off the car windshield this morning as I ran the errands on my own so he could stay warm and rest.  

I think most Reginans not at work this morning were doing the same thing I was doing: banking, purchasing mounds of groceries and filling vehicles with gasoline so that we can all stay inside tomorrow if the weather does indeed turn nasty.  Our little neighbourhood grocery was the most crowded I have ever seen it and the line up at the gasoline pumps seemed endless.  People were racing in and out of the bank, one long stream in each direction.  

I kind of giggled at all of us racing about as if the biggest snowfall in the history of this city was about to hit us, instead of the simply the start of actual, regular, winter weather.  hahaha  O how spoiled we have become this autumn!!

The possibly upsetting news about my husband having this similar illness to what I experienced for several weeks, is that it MAY cancel our company this weekend.  My husband's brother in law in particular is very suceptible to illness and has some medical conditions that call for as little exposure to cold and 'flu' viruses as possible.   We will be very, very, very sad indeed should that happen.  We have been so excited about our visit and spending an early Christmas together.  Sigh.... Guess we will all be in limbo for a couple of more days before the decision has to be made.  Thankfully they are supposed to be driving out here so would not lose out on air fares should the worst happen.  It is very difficult to find a silver lining when thinking about them not being able to come.  

My husband's Japanese style new year decoration looks most lovely on the back porch with its fresh coating of icy frost dusting the pine needles.  It looks less garish somehow, more natural.  It makes our teeny tiny back deck look far more inviting and pulls the eye away from the peeling paint on the deck railings and the dents and indelible marks that cover the back door.  ( O how I wish this was not a rental unit.  SO much could be done to fix this place up for not a lot of money.)

Our next door neighbours had their first baby a couple of weeks ago, a girl. Today as part of my errand running I had such fun picking out a gift for her.  We really don't know this young couple, other than to notice they are so very quiet.  Apparently their daughter is following suit: we had no idea she had arrived yet until this morning when her dad and I were both out scraping our vehicle windshields and got to talking.  I have to admit it has been SO quiet around there I was worried that perhaps they had lost the baby after all!!!  I hope we are being as good to them in regard to noise as they are being to us.

Somehow I have gotten myself invited to sing for 2 Sundays in the choir for the United church that meets in the same building as our congregation each week.  hahaha  Nod your  head in the wrong direction when someone is talking about musical events and suddenly you are part of them.  hahaha  Should be fun!  They meet immediately after our own service with the choir rehearsal in between.  I am looking forward to meeting some new folk.  December 11 I get to sing with a couple of our own church ladies...with another of our gals playing the harp in accompaniment.  I am SO looking forward to that. These are talented people and I am quite honoured to be asked to participate in these musical endeavors.  What fun!!  Music is such a part of Advent and Christmas for me.

Well, it is nearly 5pm, the sky is almost dark, I have no plans to go anywhere this evening, so I am going to put my warmest, plushiest robe on and schlumph around for the rest of the night.  Turkey burgers will be an easy dinner to make and I will put lots of mustard and ketchup on my husband's in hope that he can get some flavour out of it.  Poor guy...he loves food and can't taste much at the moment.

Wonder how much snow I will wake up to tomorrow morning??? If winter is actually going to happen this year I wish it would just arrive and get the initial shock over with!

PS Robert passed away this morning.  So glad he is not suffering now, but his family can still use prayers to cope with all this shock.  Only a few months between the onset of the tumours, diagnosis and leaving. Really tough on the wife and children.  Thanks so much everyone who continues to support them in comforting prayers.

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