Saturday, November 5, 2016

Bye Bye Benefits of the Rest of the Country's Being on DST

This is the time of year I dread most....the loss of Daylight Saving Time in the rest of Canada.  For the next 5 months or so we will be running a full 2 hours later than our son in Vancouver and a full hour later than our family members and friends in Alberta.  As far as phone calls from friends in Ontario it is a benefit to shrink that 2 hour difference back to 1 hour but since we only know 2 people in Ontario to chat with on the phone, it seems a small benefit compared to what we are losing with family and friends to the west.

At 2am the change back to "regular" time will happen for the rest of the country.  Since our province doesn't change to DST we don't have to worry about what time we wake up in the morning for church. Nothing here has changed...

The other irritant for me is that the few tv shows I look at on a regular basis will now be broadcast a full hour later than what I am used to.  That is kind of a pain.  (and yes, I DO know I am compaining about nothing... o well...too bad so sad....)

So for now I will endure the irritations of the entire country being back on regular time for the winter and look forward very much to next spring when the time change between myself and my family to the west will be reduced once again.  

I MUST remember that Mom and Dad are now an hour earlier in Alberta than I am here and not call them at some ungodly time of the morning by accident! hahaha  I have done that before.....sigh.....

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