Saturday, November 5, 2016

Bye Bye For the Weekend New Car....Waaaaaaahhhh!!!

My husband took the car this morning to go into work at the office as he was leaving straight from there to go to Swift Current for the rest of the weekend's church meetings.  Sigh....I all ready miss the car.  Mind you, this is only my husband's second opportunity to drive his own car since we picked it up Tuesday evening so.......teehee.  He has fantastic roads and weather for travelling this weekend...what a huge blessing to have such warmth and clear roads in November.  It is one of the first years I remember where we had no storm or snowfall on Hallowe'en evening.

I love it when my husband heads out of town from the office.  As he is leaving work he calls me and tells me to open the blinds in the living room so he can wave at me as he passes  by on his way to the highway.  This afternoon I proudly waved my Swiffer duster at him as he cruised past, since I was just completing my house cleaning chores.

O my, it feels wonderful to have this place clean and sparkly least as sparkly as it ever gets, haha.  YAY!! I forced myself not to go out walking in the sunny +17C weather and kept my head down until all the work was done.  I slept in this morning so got rather a late start, but now I am finished, am all showered up for the morning and hoping for a decent night's sleep.

I have a ride to church tomorrow and another ride to afternoon choir practise.  It will be a good day!  If it is still warm and sunny when choir is over I may just walk the 2km home and enjoy the beauty of another snowless day in November.

Not sure how much singing I will be capable of tomorrow, as I am still coughing a bit, but at least I will be there to hear how things are going, see how far behind I am and try to get caught up with the director.

After checking my husband's and my travel schedule for the first 4 months of 2017, it appear unlikely now that I will have to resign from the choir after all. YAY!  I think I can miss one practise each month and stay on top of what is going on. I am relieved.  It is difficult to feel part of the group when you know, or think you know, in advance you will be making an early exit.

It is only 8pm, so I am going to go to the piano and do some singing practise so I am warmed up for tomorrow....I need to memorize lyrics, but I do have most of the notes down pretty well.

Have a super duper party pooper weekend everyone.

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