Friday, November 18, 2016

Easing Into Winter

This week the slow slide into true winter weather has begun.  We started the week out with daytime highs in the +12C to +15C range and now we are ending the week with highs of +6C down to +1C.  Yesterday morning we awakened to such a heavy frost outside we thought perhaps it had snowed, but no, that saved itself for this morning's waking pleasure.  There is only the slightest of skiffs out there.  It has all ready melted off the grass and back stairs and there are only small patches of snowflakes blowing about on the roads.  It was a bit of a shock yesterday to see ice on top of the parking lot puddles left over from the previous evening's light rain.

I am enjoying the chance to just ease into the winter this year.  Rather than the usual warmth one day followed by four inches of snow, ice and freezing winds the next, we are being rather spoiled this year with this slower transition.  Any year the weather wishes to start the winter season off this way is just fine with me!!!

We are back on goose poop patrol as of yesterday. Sigh.....our constant presence and attempts to train the gaggles of geese that have been hanging around since the spring eventually paid off.  During the late spring and right up to a couple of days ago, those crazy geese seemed to realize that they were not to encroach too closely on our pathway between back door and parking lot.  It has been absolutely hilarious watching them stand right at the line of invisible boundary, think long and hard about where to go next, then make a quick march exit around behind the vehicles and up on the other side of our unmarked pathway.  Who says you can't train a few geese to some extent to stay away from certain areas?  Unfortunately, they all finally flew south 2 days ago.  Yesterday morning a whole new group arrived who have no fear of the owls, no fear of us running at them waving the old red sheet that terrified the other geese so completely.  These birds are small, this year's batch of goslings all grown up. Even their leader seems to be the same age.  They are quite cute of course, but no amount of coercion, not one attempt to put fear into their little hearts about pooping on our invisible walkway, has been successful.  So, I am back to bagging up goose poop and putting it in the court garbage bin.  I really can't complain because I had most of the spring and summer completely free of it.  What gets me is the massive amount of poop this little army of geese is leaving behind itself on the lawn.  Yesterday afternoon I filled an entire large freezer ziplock bag with poop and today there may be 2 bags worth.  What a horrible job, but better than walking through it every time we want to access our vehicle.  We have located our flashlights to take with us when we have to go across the lawn at night in the dark, hoping to avoid stepping in it.

Yesterday there was one little poopy pile somewhat off the pathway that I didn't bother to pick up because the bag was so full all ready. After I went back into the suite I noticed a Canada Post parcel delivery truck arriving to park beside our car.  The delivery man took some parcels to a neighbour's then headed back to the truck.  A few seconds later I noticed him standing at the open truck door, gripping the door handle with one hand while the other hand was wielding a thin cardboard delivery notice card in an attempt to scrape goose poop off the bottom of his shoe. He had stepped right into the poop I had opted not to bother picking up.  I was torn between feeling very badly that I had made that choice and killing myself laughing as I watched him hopping up and down, clinging to the door handle and ineffecively trying to get that poop off the sole of his shoe.  He was torqued, PO'd, cussing, furious to discover it down there!!  hahahahahahahaha  Laughter won out over guilt, I have to admit.  He looked hilarious!! I have definitely been there and done that many times since we moved in here. haha

It has been a busy week here.  My husband is up to the eye balls in "situations" at work that require a lot of thought and time and tact and brutal honesty, many, many emails and, and, and....crazy times.  I spent the week running errands, trying to get as much walking accomplished outdoors as possible before the ice shuts me down. I have been collecting a few small treats to send to my parents for Christmas.  My friend is unable to take me to the Farmers' Market tomorrow as we had planned, but I think I will go on my own and see if there are a couple of unique items for the family for this year's Christmas celebrations.  By next week it going to be more difficult for me to walk my preferred long distances, so if I can do it tomorrow morning I will feel like I am being sufficiently discplined in my exercise, pre-ice.

Choir rehearsals are extending to 2 hours and we are having 2 more sectional practises before the December concert.  Depending on when we may have to fly out to Kelowna for my husband's step-father's memorial service, I hope to be at the sectional practises. I am going to enjoy our Christmas concert far more this year since it can actually happen before Christmas instead of having to work around our last year's director's schedule and be performed in mid January.  Before then we have to sing in the carol festival on November 30th.  Fortunately we only perform 2 of our songs there so everything else will be fresh for the December performance. The rest of the choir is heading to Lumsden to sing at their local carol fest early in December.  I detest carpooling in the winter, even for the short drive of 30 minutes to Lumsden, because I am such a nervous passenger with people I don't know and I don't see well enough any more in the dark to offer to be a driver.  Fortunately for me, my husband's sister and her husband will be here for their short visit with us and I have a wonderful and fun excuse to not be able to join the rest of the choir.  Thank you family!!

My mother turned 89 years old yesterday so we had fun chatting on the phone with her.  Their seniors' facility has a monthly celebration for all the residents who have birthdays that month and it just happened that November's fun was right on Mom's special day. Cake and cocktails and music filled her and dad's afternoon in the dining room.  

I enjoyed a nice dinner out at The  Nest earlier this week with one of my husband's colleagues. She has become a very good friend to me and I so appreciate her wonderful sense of humour and practical way of looking at ministry.

We are taking our bishop and his wife out for dinner on Saturday evening.  We are going to try a new place, Londonbelle, with a British chef, the winner of the UK Master Chef competition in 2011.  Our very British bishop is eager to give the place a try.  Should be a fun evening.

So life is cruising along all right this week.  I am behind in making plans for next week while my husband is in Newfoundland, but maybe this weekend I can get my act together and make some calls.  With winter now so much closer to actually occuring I am all ready fighting the temptation to hibernate indoors!

We shall see what the next week brings. 

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