Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Geese 100, Me 0!!!

I chose 100 as the top scoring number for the huge flock of migrating geese that descended on us yesterday because that is the approximate number of poop piles I am going to have to pick up in this morning's light.....unless of course either they or another group decide to stop in today on their way south.  The owls are of no interest to them whatsoever. My husband and I have been hissed and flown at while attempting to wend our way to car, garbage bin and recycling area. I am a bit nervous of this latest migrating group.

Huge, unhappy sigh.....

All I am asking for is one narrow but poop free path to my vehicle. Is it really too much to ask for?

Aaaaand the instantaneous response comes in the form of more tubby goose bodies skidding to a halt on the back lawn as I am writing this.

Humongous, deeply miserable sigh....

Make that Geese 200, Me -10!!!

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