Saturday, November 12, 2016

Heavenly Sunshine Heavenly Days!

It is another glorious autumn day here in The Queen City.  The cloudless blue sky draws me outdoors every day.  According to the longer term forecast all this heat will be ending in only a few more days, so I intend to enjoy every single minute of what we have left to us for great weather.

Yesterday was a most lazy day.  My husband and I were exhausted, so caught a Remembrance Day service, then flaked out on the couch in front of the tv to watch an awful lot of boxing!  Thank you Lord for the PVR!!  haha  

In the evening we attended my church's fowl supper.  It was a hearty meal, delicious and even the store bought pumpkin pie topped with a blob of phoney whipped cream substitute for dessert didn't taste too dreadful. haha  The visiting was a lot of fun.  We teased the fellow and his wife unmercifully who were in charge of calling out the order of tables to the buffet.  In fact, I think we overdid it and I will apologize to them at church in the morning! hohoho!!

Early to bed and early to rise!  My husband had to leave at 6:30am for meetings in Maple Creek and Cypress Hills today.  Once again my gratitude for the lack of snow and ice on the highways is intense!!  Hopefully he won't be too late getting home this evening as he has to preach tomorrow morning here in the city.

I went to choir rehearsal this morning with a new friend from that group.  She is so nice and I am delighted to have met her.  Next Saturday morning we are going to the Farmers' Market and then out for lunch. She is learning how difficult it is to make friends in a place where being "from away" does not work in a person's favour.  We are rehearsing our choir part together during the coming week as well...a good thing for us both if today's rehearsal is anything to go by...sheesh! 

Tomorrow a good news announcement should be made at my church, so I am dropping my husband off at the service he is preaching at and making a beeline for my own church so I can be there for that.  More later...........

Monday it is off to Moose Jaw once again for the paint pen for our car and perhaps a yummy salad in a restaurant there for our lunch. 

Had a lovely chat with my parents today.  Dad read the poem "In Flanders Fields" at their facility Remembrance Day programme yesterday.  He was so happy to be included and to be able to use his "teacher's voice" to bring the reading.  He is going to be playing a few carols on the piano in December for their Christmas programme so is very nervous and excited about that.  If his memory will just not fail him as he finds the old chords again he will do fine.  Mom is turning 89 years old this coming week.   Wow....and Dad 90 in January. They have done extremely well in the face of many health crises over the past nearly 50 years.  I am proud of them.

So, it is 5pm and the sun is going, that is the most difficult thing about these unexpectedly gorgeous November days. The sun should stay high in the sky until at least 9pm so we can enjoy all these blessings for more hours per day .  Right?? Of course right!

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