Wednesday, November 9, 2016

How Amazing Is Our Weather This Week?????

This afternoon, November 9, in Regina Saskatchewan, seemingly dead centre of the western Canadian prairies: 
- +19C
- brilliant sunshine
- light breeze
- incredible day all over the city and surrounding area

Yes,  I just had to go for a walk after lunch!  I started off wearing a sleeveless turtleneck top and a light sweater with heavy winter pants.  By the time I was half way through my walk the sweater was completely undone.  For the last ten minutes on the way home it was wrapped around my waist and I was wishing I had worn summer pants and sandals instead of heavy pants and suede shoes.  What a glorious day!!!!!!  Oh, we will pay for all this great weather eventually with a brutal winter. At least that is what is predicted by sources that are as reliable as they can be out here in the middle of nowhere.

Yes, my ironing is done, but it pained me to have to come indoors to work after such a great walk on this warm day.  What an incredible blessing we are receiving.  Many farmers who thought they could not complete their harvest are out there working like mad men and getting the grain picked up. It is fantastic for all of us.  Thank you Lord!!


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