Saturday, November 26, 2016

How Excited Can I Get About a Christmas Concert Song.......

....that contains the lyrics, "...go, go, go, go, Kringle boy....."?  

Not that excited.

The most embarrassing part of my lack of excitement is that I think this particular piece of silliness is a song that I myself put forward as a possibility for our choir back last summer when I assisted on a committee choosing this season's music.  Sigh....  Choosing a possibility based solely on the fact that it appeared easy enough for our choir to actually learn has come back to haunt me.  Aiii yiiii.....

However, our director is a smart lady. She has put that bit of fluff together with some other bits of dance music fluff into the first half of our programme.  After the fondue intermission we will do the more serious, more "Christmasy" songs that I enjoy a lot more.  While the name of Jesus is not mentioned specifically in any of our songs, most everyone attending will know which "tiny baby", shepherds and angels we are referring to. At least we are doing more of that sort of song than we did last year.  

There are quite a few of our choir members who attend a church denomination that is determined to erase all the "redemption/substitutionary atonement" and "sin" language from their beliefs, so that I think explains a few of the choices. The idea that Jesus could do something we could not do for ourselves is an anathema to them.  I find it difficult to understand why they still want to consider themselves a Christian church, but hopefully that will change before long as well.  Right now trying to work together with them on any kind of spiritual gathering, as my husband and I have had to do over the past couple of years, is proving to be difficult as the differences between us are becoming more pronounced as the years go by.  The gaps are too big to be surmountable without both parties compromising their practises to the point of having to lie about their own world view when we try meeting together. They are focused on the god within and the Christian church is more focused on the God without.  Bless us all as we seek our way through the ever changing maze of spiritual beliefs!

I can't help wishing more of our choir members, myself included, were capable of learning some proper classical music.  I still have a number of high school choir arrangements that I truly think we could pull off with a bit of extra work, but they would be deemed "too Christian" as they were specifically written for the churches of that era.  A little more depth in the level of our music would certainly be nice, but I am a realist, even about the loss of quality of my own voice in recent years.  Sad but true, I am on the middle aged downhill skid.

I accidentally erased yesterday's post after putting a great deal of time and effort into it...maybe it wasn't an accident.  It contained entirely too much whingeing and whining about something that didn't need to be whinged and whined about.  Sometimes losses are actually in our best interests! I wish I felt that way about the loss of my singing voice!!

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