Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Post Election to the South of us...Back to the Daily Grind Up Here

After I checked the US presidential election results at 4am, I had a very good sleep and was all ready to get a move on at 6:30am.  Before arriving home at 10:30am I was able to eat breakfast, get my husband's lunch made and packed, then get dressed for grocery shopping, gasoline fill for the car, jeans shopping* and other errands. I have the rest of the day stretching out before me for ironing and other home chores that have been somewhat neglected of late.  The sun is shining, it is warm, barely a breeze....another amazing, lovely, beautiful NOVEMBER day!!! WOW!!

*if you want some help with fitting jeans properly in this city, make sure you see Ann at Bootleggers in the Northgate Mall. She had me fitted out and making a purchase in less than a half hour. Awesome!

Sunday and Monday were both good days for me.  My husband so enjoyed his time in Swift Current getting the new priest and deacon installed and meeting with various congregation members and committees after a marvellous potluck lunch there.  I had a ride to church and so enjoyed being able to see everyone...sometimes you just know a place is right for you to be and my present church is my place!  

After a slow afternoon relaxing from 2 days of house cleaning, I made a big dinner.  My husband didn't get home until 7pm so he was ravenous.  We watched tv, ate, visited and went to bed pretty early. Both of us slept really well for a change.

Monday was a laze around day for my husband while I did his laundry.  Ooooooh, those white albs are a terror for stains and dirt collection!!!  They do wash up well though and iron easily.  We walked down to Cornwall Centre and back, did some personal shopping at Sears and the Bay and had our lunch along the route at Abstractions Bistro.  It is a cute little eat in or take out with a surprisingly varied menu and excellent low prices...and a great staff!!  The food is plain and hearty.  My husband had a nice lentil/rice soup with a grilled chiabata bread sandwich stuffed with cheese and bacon.  It was so big he brought half the sandwich home and ate it for dinner.  I enjoyed a bean wrap.  It was a tomato tortilla, medium sized and stuffed full of pinto beans, chick peas, corn niblets, and cooked tomatos and celery, a bit of sour cream on the side as expected.  The spinach salad was huge with clean, large, fresh looking spinach leaves, chopped fresh mushrooms and lots of fresh carrot slivers.  I wasn't able to eat the dressing so I had a side of oil and vinegar that was quite bitter and offset the sweet carrots nicely.  It was just plain, simple, inexpensively priced food and perfect for lunch.  I enjoyed a chai latte with my meal.  We were tired out when we arrived back home so lazed around some before putting together a mixture of mismatched leftovers for dinner.

Tuesday was a grand day as well.  We were up somewhat early and headed off to Moose Jaw to get our winter tires installed.  We knew it would take several hours to be completed as the mechanic was behind as usual, hahaha.  So we wandered across the street from the shop to the Rexall Drugs and had our annual 'flu' shots.  Then we walked downtown to Rosie's on River Street for lunch. Rosie's is a very tiny, cute pub with a decent menu and inexpensive beer.  I enjoyed my caesar salad, partly because it had lots of grilled chicken and not too much dressing, but also because it actually came with a slice of garlic toast...seems that as the price of caesar salads has gone up, the toast has disappeared in most restaurants.  It is annoying to pay so much for some lettuce shredded up in a dish and not so much as a chewy, crispy carb unit to fill out the meal.  This salad I had no complaints about at all. haha  My husband had a nice sized burger, worth the price and also a caesar salad, sans chicken, that he quite enjoyed. The bacon bits were actual bacon, as they should be!  After lunch we walked another km or so up to the south hill to drop off canoe trip gear from August at the home of a friend.  It was a good day for a walk, not too warm and a bit breezy. We navigated around the sidewalk/road closures pretty well and enjoyed a brief shortcut through Wakamow Park on the way.  Our friend was about to take his lunch break from his home office job, so we stayed while he ate and we had a super visit.  What a treat that we had not anticipated. He is so very busy and we had no plans to interrupt his work day.

Then we walked back across town to pick up the car.  We ran a few other errands and by the time we returned to Regina it was dinner time.  We had no more leftovers and had thoughtlessly forgotten to thaw meat for dinner. There was nothing for it but to head to Da India House for a delicious buffet.  hahaha  It is incredibly reasonably priced at $15.99 per person for dinner and there is a wide range of dishes to choose from.  We were the first to arrive for dinner there so all the dishes had just been put out, were undisturbed by other patrons and looked SO delicious.  We were able to select a very private place to sit so we could visit in peace while the restaurant began filling up with other patrons.  The goat curry was particularly good, the paneer hot and fresh and the vegetable dishes....YUMMMM!  There was just a tinge of heat in the lentil dish but I would have loved more lentils in the tons of sauce. The chick peas were tender and tasty in a tomato broth and the rice was very nice and fresh.  It had obviously NOT been saved over from the lunch buffet....a problem a few of our local Indian and other buffet restaurants seem to have developed lately. Yecch!! At the cashier counter we found cartons of raw honey for sale from a farm in the area, so of course we had to get one of those as we had just run out of honey.  There is also a counter display of various Indian dessert cookies and bars and other delicacies.  Next time we are looking for desserts for a home meal, that is where we will go to get them!

Tomorrow our paint pen for the car should be available at the Western Honda in Moose Jaw. Yes, we could easily have purchased one at the dealer here in Regina, but it did give us a chance  yesterday to have a short visit with a parishioner from the Anglican church who works there and it will give me an extra drive on the highway in NICE weather AGAIN tomorrow to pick it up.  If it doesn't arrive early enough my husband can pick it up on Saturday morning on his drive to a meeting in Maple Creek, but I hope it shows up tomorrow so I can get it myself. I really want that drive in the new car. I don't know when I have enjoyed a vehicle so much. 

Well, off to make lunch and get some ironing done. My husband is going to be out of fresh albs and clergy shirts if I don't get to that little job this afternoon.  He is preaching at a local church Sunday morning and needs to have his clergy gear in order.

Tonight my husband is going to visit his friend Mohammed and I am going to be mentoring an alto friend from choir.  We should both have a nice evening! 

Today is another day where I am feeling particularly blessed to be alive.  NO SNOW AGAIN today!  O thank you Lord!

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